Monday 16 April 2012

never forget

 Being a Southampton girl I feel it's only right that I share how the city 
remembered those lost 100 years ago.
We were actually on a night out to celebrate a friends birthday, 
when we came across the above layout of the Titanic.
As a deeply nostalgic person I found it so touching.
(I did not stand on the bow and shout the obvious, I'm far too respectful for that)
Another touching detail were the passenger tags and white lilies tied to the lamp posts.

I would love to say we stayed for the whole night,
but we had a night of drinking planned.
I think they had a little re-enactment that followed the last hours of the Titanic.
We had planned to return on our way home,
after a night dancing we made our drunken way to the park.
The time was just after 2 am..
We huddled together with a gathered crowd some in dress of the period,
and listened to a narrator describing what was happening on the Titanic.
Then roughly at 2.20 the lights surrounding us went out as we were told the Titanic had now sunk.

It was a very poignant moment in my life,
I'm glad that we were there....
and then we were back on the high street surrounded by the rowdy Saturday nighters
back to reality!


  1. wow...that should of sobered you up a bit.

  2. Lots of reminders of 100 years ago here too!

  3. I did think about going to the vigil, but for many reasons decided against it. I'm pleased you were there and able to share it with us though. Wasn't it heart wrenching seeing all those tags, bundles and bundles of them.
    A meet up in a couple of weeks would be good, see how G is recovering after his op.
    Lisa x

  4. Very sobering. It is good to see that Southampton has really remembered the Titantic. Lots on the news. Di xo

  5. What a wonderful memorial.
    Julie xxxxxxx

  6. It looks like a lot of thought had gone into organising the event. I would have been moved to tears. I even cry on remembrance day.x

  7. I remember that park! It must have been really moving Claire. x

  8. I hope you didn't go and get yourself a hangover girl!

    It looks like an amazing night.


  9. What a thoughtful remembrance. There was definitely lots of talk on the radio about the Titanic on the anniversary stateside as well.


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