Thursday 29 March 2012

piece and love hexathon

Thanks for the love my friends.
My self esteem ebbs and flows...
your nice comments keep me buoyant. 
I've been feeling so uplifted with all this sunshine,
I want to bottle it up in a cheerful patchwork project.
This is a non quilt project ie. it can be a tablecloth, curtains or whatever needs a splash of patchwork!
 I know though... not another hex-a-long right?
After the success of the rose star block party
(which is still going strong)
I wanted to keep things simple, so more people might be snared enticed!
Plus these hexagons are biggies man!
(see the normal sized hexagons on the right)
 I've been wanting to make a pretty table cloth
ever since I displayed my quilt on the dining room table last year.
 This was my next to do project,
so why not make it a friendly group of piece and love.
The idea is to keep this as carefree as possible.
You will not need 
designer fabrics
(but if you have a stash use it!)

You will need 
some vintage/old bedding/old fabrics
(try charity/thrift shops)
paper hexagons
(mine are 2" each side)
a backing fabric
a table to cover
elbow grease
some captured moments in your week.. it, sat on a train, in your lunch break or in the park.
I'd love to see your progress,
if you would like to join in or just follow
pop over here

I will be posting the basic technique of paper piecing again next week...
as if you don't already know!!!
piece out
the instigator
ps. feel free to copy and paste my button to your blog.


  1. well now this looks fun. i would like to play along, but would make curtain panels instead, does that sound legal? i've got a ton of vintage flat sheets that would be perfect :D

  2. It's so funny that you should post this. I'm getting ready to start an EPP hexagon quilt myself!

  3. I'm excited to try a larger size hexagon!

  4. Bother - another fab thing to start but I think I'm going to have to stick with the rose Star blocks - but I will be watching!

  5. Great. Maybe I should finish my small hexiie project first and not just jump head over heels into a new one... but I am really tempted. Especially as it seems to go so so quick with big ones...Hm hm hm. Love this idea!


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