Friday 9 March 2012

friday flora

It's about time to reclaim Fridays for the garden.
Not sure if it should be Friday flora, flower Friday or floral Friday?
It's also this time of year when I realise I don't have enough spring flowers,
especially with bees already on the hunt for nectar.
Thank goodness for the crocus!
News Alert
Gardeners World starts again tonight!
BBC 2  8.30pm
Woo hoo go Monty!


  1. I love spring flowers the best. They bring colour after a long grey winter! Di xo

  2. So pretty!! I think I should start watching I'm useless in the garden!

  3. That is a gorgeous flower! Beautiful color...totally makes me happy! Have a great weekend...

  4. Oh good is Monty back - he is fab!

    Lovely flower pics - my garden is definitely a spring one and it is just waking up!

    And Clare you have at last seduced me into the Rose Star Garden Party! Two done...

  5. Ahhhh! Yes! Monty! hee hee! Beautiful flower :)

  6. Wow, beautiful pic :o) looks like spring is on its way!

  7. Gorgeous crocuses - mine are on their way out but I've really enjoyed them over the past couple of weeks!

  8. Spring still seems a long way off here in Kodiak, Alaska. Your flower is beautiful and I will be looking forward to seeing more pictures of your garden.

  9. Ahhh Spring - we have just embarked on Autumn.

    Florally Fabulous and Fragrant Friday


  10. A lovely flowery Friday! x

  11. Such gorgeous pictures - do you have a macro lens? I'm always so happy when Gardener's World comes back on - just the opening titles perk me up :-) Looking forward to seeing some more of how your garden's growing!

  12. I am so glad to see you devote some time to the flowers of your garden clearly an inspiration for your fiber arts like it is mine.
    I like Floral Fridays and look forward to seeing what else grows in your gardens!

  13. Yay! So beautiful :-) I showed some crazy plant obsession yesterday when I rode in a car for six hours with a tray of seedlings in my lap. In other news, some Liebster blog love came my way, so I passed the Liebster blog award on to you! Hooray :-D

  14. i like friday flora! sounds more scientific, and thus more awesome.


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