Wednesday 14 March 2012

utter confusion

 Anyone else bemused by google?
I wanted to change my email to selfsewn when I began my blog.
I gave in to google and signed up for a gmail account.
Everything was were all sending me emails to my gmail no problems.
Then this morning it seems I can no longer use my gmail without logging out of hotmail and my blog.
I am not someone who logs out
After too many hours researching an answer and trying to correct the issue,
I have returned my email contact back to hotmail..
So Google why ask me to sign up for gmail when I cant use it with my current blog?
 It seems that you cannot change your primary sign in email either.
I am a quilter not a computer geek.....any ideas Laura??

Okay so now I've set up a yahoo email.
Which seems to be working, crisis averted!!!
I thank you!


  1. Oh Clare! I had the same problem and just abandoned the gmail account completely. is frustrating isn't it?

  2. I had the same issue with my blog but have found a way around it now. Go into your settings and update the permissions section to include the new email address with admin rights and then you should be able to log in with either. I think it is in settings, then basic, then permissions. Hope that helps.

  3. I'm not sure if this helps, but here's what I did...

    I signed up to my blog with my personal (non google) email. I subsequantly bought my domain, and have a laura@ email for that (which I never use, by the way). If I am signed in to google using either email, it works fine. Click on your name, top right corner of blogger home screen and go to account settings. From there you can edit/add email addresses and change your user name.

    I just found this tute on how to change your primary email address... I think it sounds like what you need:

    The problem may be due to your orginal email being a hotmail one. Mine was not.

  4. trying to have everything work together seamlessly in terms of accounts and passwords and logins and blah blah blah... it's all ridiculous. Seems like we should be able to make our lives easier but there's always a hitch!

  5. i have this problem daily-- my university email (alumni account that I use for work) is set up through gmail so if I log in there, I have to close my browser and log in again to blogger (different gmail account) in order to comment on any blogs! pain in the a**!!!!
    I don't mind signing in and out, but when i open a window, i open a bunch of tabs, and having to close them just so i can comment on someones blog (which i then have to re-open and re-find) is too much most days so I just don't comment. or like today, i comment "off the record"
    it's me btw, jess/lifeunderquilts

  6. Glad Laura knew the answer - I'm clueless!!


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