Thursday 22 March 2012

random thursday

Three seemingly random pictures.
Truth be told I'm channelling my inner 'Molly Flanders Style'
a phrase coined by a follower in my last post.
The first is my sewing chair...and yesterday I had a thought that my shoulder pain
could be linked to bad posture, due to a bad sewing position.
I do feel like the princess and the pea, but it feels better.
The second is a thrifty 10 pence find on my way home from the osteopath.
Who needs Anthropologie!
And the last is the wonderful jewel colours of the much loved perle cottons.
Mary I hope this cheered your day a little..

pickledish wall guessed it a Molly Flanders original!


  1. All beautiful and, yes, cheerful! The quilt you have on your wall is a fun peek as well.

  2. Lovely, lovely, and lovely! I hope your shoulder pain is better. I seem to need a heating pad a lot! Deb.

  3. **sniff,sniff** I think we must be sharing some energy this morning....I was thinking of you while stitching another Rose and Star Block. You made my heart happy this usual....thank you for all the good thoughts :)

  4. All very very lovely - love the cushion pads. xxxxx

  5. I spy a lovely basket too!
    Lisa x

  6. Love the
    pillows, the chair the colors !!

  7. Best of luck healing your shoulder pain. At least your princess on the pea strategy is both pretty and inexpensive. Your pictures are lovely, Clare!

  8. I love your channeling! I love old plates too and have bought quite a few on ebay - several with hand painting on them. What a great idea though to use them as your colour scheme!

  9. I did it! I did it! I did it! Thank you for inspiring me to try paper piecing. I am loving this! Check out my latest post. Thanks, thanks THANKS! I have learned something new... ♥♥♥ Annette


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