Monday 22 June 2015

The Complete Quilter ~ a book review!

Well here's a bolt from the blue!
My friend Jessica Alexandrakis has written another book,
who knew?
Not just another book but another beautiful book!
 What I like about her new book is that it's not filled with lots of big projects
that you just wont make.
No, this book is all about making blocks 
and fitting them together to make 
simple but beautiful quilts.
Okay so if you are an experienced quilter
you may find it a little simplistic.
However, I love that the blocks are all sewn
with different techniques
giving you the chance to pick up new skills
as well as giving you a refresher of old ones.
I've tried to give you an idea below,
of course there are many more beautiful ideas,
but I must leave some surprises for your perusal!

 Funnily enough I've been wanting to try a quilt made using this applique technique.
Might have to try this one.

There are approx 22 tecniques ranging from 
curved piecing,
 foundation paper piecing,
needle turn applique,
improvisational string piecing,
to no waste flying geese.
 As well as teaching you all these new tricks
there's all the usual 'how tos'
from fabric choices to quilt assembly.
There are five highly ageeable/usable projects including the sampler quilt above.
When it makes it into book shops I highly recommend 
having a flick through, it's a lovely read,
especially if you're new to quilting books.
If you can't wait until then it will is available via Amazon
 The release date for The Complete Quilter in the UK is today!!
The expected release date for the US and Canada
is late July.
For more information contact Jessica aka LifeUnderQuilts
Also available Quilting on the Go.
An 'all you need to know' guide to English paper piecing.


  1. Ohhhh! I can't wait to look through it!

  2. Thanks so much for the thorough review, Clare! I'm glad you liked it.

  3. Looks very tempting. I am right there with you on the Hawaiian appliqué pattern. I have been thinking about trying one too. Jessica is a real go getter! Can't wait to see a copy here in Washington DC

  4. Looks like a solid reference book for quilting. Off to have a better look!

  5. Lots of interesting techniques, I see...

  6. What an interesting way of presenting the information! I'd like to see it in person.:)

  7. Good to know! Very nice post with lots of reasons why its a good beginner book.

  8. I just order one form amazon vendor in England.

  9. I just order one it looks great.

  10. I have checked out her Quilting on the Go book from my local library and have plans to purchase it in the near future. It's a great book and I'll bet her newest one will be just as good and informative.

  11. Miss you and your wonderful quilting!:)

  12. This book is very useful since it has many nice designs. Through the good photos, I can easily follow the content.


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