Monday 23 November 2015

Irish chain quilt reveal

It's been awhile hasn't it?
Well here's a shed load of photographs
 of my Irish chain quilt...
hope this makes up for my absence.

 The nitty gritties

My inspiration for this quilt came from a film or a tv program
(wish I could remember)
I've really fallen for this quilt as I've been snapping away,
however I've decided this will be a surprise for my Mum....
kinda hoping she won't like it!

The pink scraps are a random selection, some new some vintage,
one batik from Canada a gift from my Mum
one from my friend Mary in the US
even some from Devon.

The backing and binding are a vintage sheet and are of the softest buttery texture!
The squares measure 3 inches
which means the quilt measures 72' x 60' which covers 3/4 of a double bed.

I've hand quilted (in the hoop) Dresden flowers in the pink spaces
and leaves in the green.
The thread is an anchor perle cotton 8
in shades of cream and pinks.

Wadding as usual is Hobbs Heirloom 80/20 cotton blend.

And finally the name....there was label on the vintage sheet backing
that named it as 'spring maid'
The fact that the quilt was put together in spring, plus the spring green
and the Irish connection I thought it seemed appropriate!

Oh and in case you'd forgotten who the quilter was
see below!
 Thanks for stopping by


  1. Yay! Blog update!!
    Beautiful quilt, as usual. Gorgeous hand stitching.

  2. Go to see you back on the blog! Great had quilting, and quilt.

  3. How could your mum NOT like this! It's lovely Clare! And it's great to see the big photos on your blog rather than on the small phone screen on IG!

  4. Been wondering what you've been up to! I was quite sure you were hibernating with some form of quilting.:) Love to see your wonderful stitching doing its thing on this sweet quilt!

  5. what a beauty and loving the hand quilting. The label is so cute too

  6. Lovely as always Clare. Good to see you back.

  7. That border worked so well! Very nice result.

  8. Beautiful! Just beautiful. You are such an inspiration. And I look at all my fabric filling my book shelf and wonder WHEN will I ever have time to make a quilt again? I miss it. Although I'm not so hands on like you, but still. I like making the simple ones. Maybe next year will take me back to some patchwork fun. Thanks for sharing your quilt! Love it!

  9. A beautiful finish... I'm always inspired by your fabric & colour combos!

  10. Lovely work Clare! I have been admiring your hand quilting, but I was also taking a peep at that beautiful economy block quilt!

  11. Stunning as always Clare.
    I'm sure your mum will be thrilled.
    Lisa x

  12. Gorgeous quilt, so old fashioned looking and beautiful hand quilting. You might want to join the Hand Quilting group on Facebook. Lots of great stuff and you can ask to join, then you can post too!

  13. It's beautiful! And looks fabulous on a bed!


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