Friday 5 June 2015

Star of Wonder quilt reveal.

 I can now say I have a Christmas quilt!
Take a good look and then try and forget it
until December!!

I can also now tick off Red and White quilt
from my list of 'must makes'
I knew exactly the look I was going for with this quilt,
everything had to be simple.
I began with some Kona cotton 'lipstick'
purchased from Simply Solids.
Thankfully I did a prewash as this colour has a tendency to bleed
and boy did it!
The white fabric is a new vintage sheet that apparently 
 belonged to my Nan.
I've used my favourite 60 degree diamond template
to create the stars using the English Paper piecing method.
I matched the red thread for the stars
therefore you cannot see any whipstitches at all.
The diamonds measure 2.5 inches per side.
The quilt measures approx 50 x 70 inches
which is a great size for a sofa quilt.
The wadding is Hobbs Heirloom 80/20 cotton blend
purchased from The Cotton Patch.
The backing and binding came from a Kirstie Allsopp bedding range.
I hand quilted the entire quilt with simply lines about an inch apart.
I used Anchor perle 8 cotton
purchased from Sew and So.
I finished with a label naming my quilt
Star of Wonder
which is a nod toward Christmas.
It took me approximately 15 weeks to stitch,
I think the simplicity of the colour definitely helped
 and the need to complete it in plenty of time 
so I could hide it away 
for a long period before bringing it out in December!


  1. Goodness what an achievement! I do EPP so I really appreciate the time and work that went into this glorious quilt. I admire your sticking power to hand quilt the whole thing, well done, it looks fabulous.
    I love it that you listed the materials you used (as well as the suppliers), this is so useful for other quilters who can then try using those materials if they havent already.I have not tried perle cotton, so I may try it next time.

  2. What a remarkable achievement, Clare! I LOVE everything about your work of art. The nice size star, the red & white, your knowing to pre-wash that red :) and the magnificent straight line quilting. This quilt is memorable, including the label on the back. It's so pleasing and a tribute to your abilities. THANKS for Sharing. I just LOVE looking at this post. Fondly, Robin

  3. glorious!! 15 weeks to stitch ~ surely you meant to stitch the quilt top together, not also baste AND quilt it?? or maybe you meant to quilt it after it was together (how many balls of perle did that take?) regardless - 15 weeks is lightening fast to complete ANY portion of a hand project of that size, in my opinion. I clearly need to take lessons :-)

    1. Nope 15 weeks for the whole quilt😊 I don't have kids and am addicted to quilting!!!! If you can find me on instagram you'll be able to see more of the progression xxx

  4. It's lovely - I wouldn't keep it just for Christmas. Such a laborious job hand quilting it all and it's really paid off.

  5. Clare this is a beautiful, timeless finish. You are steadily filling you home with amazing treasures.

  6. Beautiful in its simplicity Clare.

  7. it is even more beautiful than I imagined! Completely in love with it :)

  8. Sorry, me again lol... how much red fabric did you use?

    1. Hi!! I purchased 2 metres and have a little left over xx

  9. I totally love this quilt! I love the simplicity and the boldness! When you do a red and white quilt, you really do a red and white quilt, ha :-)!
    Thanks for all the info and the tip about prewashing. I never do this anymore but with so much red against a white... yes, you should and you proved it. Looking forward to seeing this quilt back around Xmas time!

  10. What beautiful stitching, perfect x

  11. It's simply beautiful. You will be so happy to have this in December. Thanks for the inspiration!

  12. Thank you for sharing this beautiful quilt with us. I love its simplicity, it's going to be stunning come Christmas.

  13. I can't decide which of your quilts is my favorite...but this one is surely up there! It is so Clare! Simple and stunning....makes a statement without being in your face! Amazing, Clare! I can't wait to see it in your house with all of your lovely Christmas decorations!

  14. I said it before on instagram, but this one is so beautiful Clare!

  15. Amazing work. I just love how striking each one of your quilts are.:)

  16. Yay!! Well done you. Now, what was that about a quilt for Christmas? I'm sure I can't remember!!

  17. This is just so amazing Clare, in every way. The simplicity, the hand quilting, the label - beautiful :-)


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