Tuesday 12 August 2014

Great Dixter house and gardens

  If I was a garden I would be Great Dixter,
the family home of the late Christopher Lloyd.
Christopher's gardening style was an anything goes approach.
This garden will seriously blow your mind.
Do not expect meticulous lawns or tasteful bedding.
Do expect wild abandonment and experimental planting!

This year I left some long grass in my lawn
and yes
I WANT some topiary yew amongst it!!
I left Great Dixter feeling refreshed
and with a changed attitude toward my own wild garden.
I already like my way of gardening
but to have the style confirmed in a beloved garden
is a freeing experience.
I just wish I lived closer so I could volunteer!
Christopher Lloyds vision is superbly continued 
by head gardener Fergus Garrett.

Great Dixter can be found in Northiam East Sussex
more info here

I really love Great Dixter.


  1. This is just beautiful! We are so dry and brown here in the Central Valley of California. I long to see something like this...

  2. So do I! Your photos are lovely and really do it justice.

  3. Wow - looks like a fabulous garden to visit. Thanks for sharing your photos.

  4. like you I love the wildness of this garden, so good to have seen it , lovely photos

  5. It looks a lovely abundant garden. Lucky you being able to visit it. I like the way the flowers are right up to the paths, overflowing. The only thing that's over flowing in my garden are the weeds!

  6. there's just nothing like English gardens :-)

  7. Wow! Christopher is my kind of gardener as well! I love that wild look....just a riot of color! And there is that flower I love! Thanks for sharing!

  8. You'd love my garden then! Lol. That is a full to the brim garden and I too love it's wildness. I live in a suburb of paving, yuccas and upright grasses. Nothing is allowed to drop it's leaves or look natural...sigh. However at my place things grow where they do and only get trimmed when they hit me in the face first. Love the long grass look, so subservient!!

  9. Come back comment!! Hahaha, a slip of the pen and the whole word is WRONG! The garden is subversive NOT subservient! Wow got to watch those spell checks.

  10. I would love a garden like that! And that house too! :-) thanks for the photos

  11. Amazing! Is it real?! Too beautiful :)

  12. Oh yes, topiary would be good.
    Lisa x

  13. It is my all time favourite garden I think, and I have loved seeing all your photos. I'm glad you enjoyed it too, and came away refreshed with new ideas!
    Gill xx


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