Tuesday 26 August 2014

done quilting

 I know its hard to believe because I only just told you how I was quilting my economy block quilt,
but I have finished hand quilting already.
My first idea for binding was a solid red..
however I remembered this fabric my Mum gave me.
Its a dark burgundy which I think could actually work,
with the interests of using what I already have 
I shouldn't hesitate should I?
I think red may actually be to brash for this already busy quilt.
Plus I don't have any red
so I could getting binding today
couldn't I??

ps. I have mentioned before, I am now on instagram.
If you don't have the ability to join in
you can still see my feed here
there are lots of progress pics 
go take a look x


  1. You truly do have the patience of a saint! That looks lovely - I'm just about to embark on another. You are my inspiration xxx

  2. It's fab. I particularly like the blue rose fabric, I wonder why that would be!
    Lisa x

  3. Your quilt is quite lovely, beautiful stitching!

  4. Oh, wow, this quilt with your hand quilting is spectacular! And good choice on using what you have :-) My sentiments exactly! And I'm so glad you blogged about this quilt, because I, for one, am not on Instagram. At least not yet.

  5. What a beauty! I love the simplicity. That is very speedy hand quilting, well done you!
    I think you're so right with the binding, the over all palette you've used is more gentle and country style to take red.
    Just beautiful!
    Gill xx

  6. Yes I think this is better than red, a dark blue or black would have worked too. Did you machine the actual quilt top? It's stunning, love all those patterns and colours together! :) x

  7. A great quilt, Clare! Big and bold! I love it....it will keep you nice and warm this Winter. Yay, Winter! hehe

  8. It looks great, and I like the colour you have on hand for the binding.

  9. Beautifully quilted - the dark thread adds interest. It looks soft and gorgeous!

  10. Très beau quilt . Félicitations . Amitié Mamifleur

  11. a lovely quilt and what immaculate hand quilting. I am planning to hand quilt one of mine but it worries me about what colour to use, Being not very good and having a plain fabric on the back which does not match the quilt makes me wonder if I should have a go on the machine and can then use the correct colour for the back but hand quilting will be so much more relaxing to do so torn at the moment decisions decisions

  12. It is really gorgeous and your hand quilting is perfect.

  13. Hi Clare! Looks so beautiful! It's fun how the hand quilting is much quicker than we expect. I think that binding goes perfectly! x Teje

  14. Lovely! good choice to use what you have~


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