Thursday, 5 June 2014

so I've joined instagram....

I know for those of you that don't/can't instagram
this post will be a pain.
Firstly before you think shes gone and spent big money on an apple product,
I have not. I was given an old broken iphone
that my husband installed instagram on.
This new pocket buddy of mine is purely for sharing my thoughts and images 
as they happen.
 You can find me here
I shall do my best to keep blogging,
but instagram is well...instant!!
Chatting directly to you all is the fun part too xx


  1. It is a bit disappointing that IG has taken over a bit from blogging! I love the comments from my posts, and not just 'likes'!!

  2. It's fun to find you all through the day! Yay!

  3. I don't have a smart phone and find instagram elitist and exclusive. Pictures are only part of the story in any case so will never replace blogging. I think it is a shame how blogs are being deserted by so many people. Like I say many of us don't have smart phones. I understand we can see pics if given the link to use on our pc's and some (just a few) bloggers have done that. But it has never been terribly interesting so I tend not to bother. Also the filters are just part of the whole 'branding' thing where real people and real images are not good enough. Shame.

    By the way it is the running of the phone just as much as the phone itself I can't keep up with. I don't have any mobile for the same reason. It is not a judgement on you having one, I would myself if I could afford it. What I find exclusive is using them for things that many can't join in with and acting like we are all part of a club, without it ever dawning on them that they are expensive and therefore many just don't have them. There are many spoilt bloggers who seem to have everything life can provide them with (and again don't realise that even buying materials to keep up with our hobby is very difficult) and they act like that privilege extends to all without even thinking about it. Some bloggers come across as very insular people. I am not putting you in that category, just pointing out that every time someone decides to use instagram instead of their blog they are making themselves less visible generally and less interesting.

    Please don't react personally to what I have said. My comments really are general and you have already acknowledged that you know that some don't have access. Should the fact that I don't, spoil your enjoyment of using instagram? Absolutely not but it does make those of us who can't, feel excluded especially when the blogger stops blogging as many do.

    1. Barbara, you cannot place everyone in the same basket. I have NEVER had a new phone, I am not a phone lover, I generally leave my phone uncharged at home. Like I said this phone I am using 'is broken' however, instagram works on it which is why I'm using it. I would never spend the ridiculous amount on a new fact my bill for the year is probably less than £20 because I'm tight. (still a 'pay as you go' girl)
      Sorry you feel this way, I don't intend to give up blogging, but at the end of the day it is my choice.

    2. Darling Clare, you are ALLOWED to be YOU. You are YOU, be it silly, selfish, happy, sad, wealthy in material ways, thrifty in economic ways. NEVER let others get into your head, you will attract like minded and wonderful people into your world by being TRUE. Barbara has her own feelings and they spilled into your blog. You were kind enough to give them air BUT they are HER feelings and YOU do not have to justify or apologise for being who YOU are. (sorry but I just feel very protective of bloggers I have got to know) I too have fiddled with IG, and it can be fun, filters especially, it can be instant and it can run alongside blogs and fill in gaps and be spontaneous. Clare life is to be experienced and be fun and you just get out there and YOU deserve any and every bit of fun you like we all do. Barbs well I am sorry you were feeling so grumpy and out of sorts but bringing others down.......bad karma. Be happy for yourself and then you can be happy for others. And a big shoulder squeeze hug from a motherly Aussie to a Brit that may find me a little too forward.......but that's just ME. :-)

    3. I feel I need to add to both these points as I can see both sides of the story. I agree that some bloggers do go on to instagram or facebook and then I 'lose' them and feel excluded. (I made this same comment to another blogger who has done the same this week).
      On the other hand it is your choice to do what suits your lifestyle.
      I have a basic phone with no apps (what are they) and have not joined facebook for personal reasons, so ultimately it is my loss and not yours.
      I shall still follow you as one day my ambition is to quilt something!!
      Susan x

  4. Yay!!! I use a very old iphone my son gave me,,, but it works,,,, and it's a fun way to share.!!!

  5. Just one more's all good! I love every opportunity to interact with positive, creative people. I don't give a hoot if they have a new phone or old don't need to justify or explain what you have. I don't love you any more or any less because of the phone you use or how you choose to use it!

  6. I'm thrilled that you have joined Instagram! I love your blog, I love my blog, but Blog reading/writing is time consuming, Instagram is so quick and easy and keeps me in touch with all my creative friends through the day. So even if I'm not crafting, I can see what other people are making! Yay to bloggers and instagrammers! xx

  7. just started following you. :) instagram is fun...i love all the instant snapshots of life.

  8. I get the old phone when himself gets an upgrade. Otherwise I would have none. That beng said, I love IG, because life is busy and it let's me see what my bloggy/online/IG friends are making when I run out of blog reading time. Sometimes we have to make choices, often lots of us do without things because that's life, but I hope I never begrudge others what they have.

  9. Barbara makes what is obviously a very heartfelt point, but I've only got a tiny garden, and wouldn't dream of attacking someone for blogging about their larger one - nor would I feel that I should not mention my own garden out of deference to anyone who didn't have one at all. Just like in real life, we want to share the things we are interested in and which make us happy with like minded people. Those who understand and empathise will keep reading whatever their personal situation, and those who don't shouldn't feel left out as they are quite entitled to look elsewhere. Yay for your hard work, beautiful garden, lovely blog. Carry on being you.

  10. From what I can see there are still lots of bloggers out there. I recently got a smart phone Sony and I use it for a few calls, mostly texting which I'm learning and wifi only. It's very reasonable for someone on a limited salary.
    Yes people should think before they comment especially anonymous ones. Not fair.
    I have a blog and I agree, I write to show what I'm doing creatively and to connect. I think most of us know it's not always rosy as it seems. Sometimes I post about the bad times but it's not fun to read about that all the time.
    Most readers understand that we're writing about the good things in our life and they empathize over the occasional down times.


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