Thursday, 5 June 2014

just me and the bees...

I feel like I need to clear some things up regarding an anonymous (genuine not spam) comment I received today on my joining instagram.
Now that everyman and his dog seems to be blogging
it's all too easy to forget that generally 'we' the bloggers are 
real people with feelings.
The term blog is short for web log
which is short for an online diary.
I am a childless/petless 39er 
who is more often than not in a melancholic state of mind.
I'm not selling anything
I dont make money from blogging
I'm not asking for anything other than your friendship
 (and sometimes your fabric)
so please think before you leave comments
because it will gnaw away at me.
Also please don't tell me to 'not to take it personally'
duh if this was a paper diary you just wrote all over it,
how can I not.
At the end of the day I understand that I am open to your words,
but it is my life
If and when I choose to stop blogging
it will be my choice.

Don't hate on me 
I am not a Kardashian 
I'm just me.
Life is far from perfect....just to prove it.
 here's a big heap of weeds
 broad bean plants that should have been planted months ago
reason #badback
 just a small arrangement of the vast amount of plants I raise from seed.
Lets leave this post on a lighter note.
I planted this rambling rose last year.
Its called Veilchenblau
and has an exquisite fragrance
and the bees seem to love it too.
Yay for single open flowering roses!

*other rose is young lycidas

ps. Thankyou all so much for your lovely comments
I'm really not that upset anymore,
sometimes a good vent is whats needed.
I did realise that the comment in question was
someone else venting,
it just didnt need to be aimed at me.

In an effort to move on I have now closed comments on this post xx


  1. You would not be interesting if you were a Kardashian! You, Clare, are perfect just the way you are and how ever you choose to share with us!

  2. Can I love your pile of weeds? Something about showing that was just perfect. We all have weeds, we all have feelings. End of story. I'm sending a hug!

  3. Ohhh the comments we get sometimes.:) Your flowers are gorgeous! Hope you're enjoying them.

  4. i am glad you choose to blog. i may not comment much, but i have enjoyed my time spent here and find quite a bit of inspiration from your epp projects. i have started my own epp projects because of you. :) keep doing what gives you enjoyment. (from another childless 39er!)

  5. I don't have a blog but I do love to read blogs and yours has given me a great deal of pleasure to follow, you have certainly helped to inspire me to be more creative and for that I thank you. Hugs, Liz x

  6. You're garden is as beautiful as you :)

  7. This post makes me sad. I have a daughter with anxiety issues and a post like this would set her in a tailspin for months. I see the value of words both in building and tearing down. Please let me use the words in a positive light and not in a negative way. I enjoy reading your blog and loved your instagram blog. The collage was beautiful. what could anyone have found offensive? Maybe there is something on the commenter's plat too large for her to handle. You did nothing wrong.

  8. What a pretty rose! I am always amazed at how you manage to garden and quilt...

  9. I haven't seen the comment and don't need to. You are a kind, humorous and talented person. These traits come through in your posts and in our emails. People who feel the need to have a go really need to examine their own lives first and question their need to judge others. Sad. Meanwhile, please keep doing what you do. You are who you are and we are here because we like you. X

  10. That rose is divine! Think I said a lot in my last comment.....hehehe......

  11. The flowers in your garden are just beautiful. They've given me such joy on a cold and grey winter's day downunder. Take care of you.
    Anne xx

  12. So sorry you got such a comment! I enjoy your blog and I'm following you on IG now. I think Instagram adds to the way we can share and encourage each other. I also think that it often gives us a more personal look at what is going on with each other because its so easy to snap a picture of the messy bits of life along with the pretty bits.

  13. Sorry to hear you were upset by the comment, but I applaud you for leaving it on the blog.

    I too have some opinions about the way blogs are going with twitter, instagram etc but I think I should start that debate on my own blog, should I wish to have it. It's very hard to not take something personally when you're using this very personal method of communication. I think it's also quite difficult to get across a general point too as the intention can get lost sometimes.

    Beautiful flowers, I really enjoy your photographs.

  14. Your garden is a wonderful bee haven Clare! I don't have Instagram but I can enjoy your words and pictures when you do put up a blog post. It is impossible to please everyone. x

  15. Oh, I am so sorry to read this. I always love to read your blog.
    I'm not on Instagram, though I did buy a phone especially to join in with it as I wondered what it was all about and it sounded fun. But then I needed to by something extra for the phone which I didn't understand about and couldn't justify the spend. But loving the phone anyway, I somehow forgot about instagram, but now one of the dogs has got it's teeth into it, and it doesn't work!
    That rose looks lovely, even better that it has a nice fragrance. My neighbour has been cutting the flowers, and buds off my peony! I don't think they were hanging over onto his side of the fence particularly. He's left all the cut bits on my side of the fence. I wish I was as organised with my seeds as you are.
    Hope you are able to leave the negative comments behind and enjoy your weekend. x

  16. I too enjoy reading your blog. Thank you for sharing your lovely flowers with us. I have no garden so really like looking at others.

    I work with the public and even after 13 years of doing so still find it difficult to accept how unreasonable nasty and invasive some people are.

    I hope you are able to leave that comment where it should be - in the trash.

    Carol Henderson