Thursday, 29 May 2014

year of the koo koo...

koo koo: a feeling of disorientation or craziness
 usually caused by the excessive intake of disco biscuits, 
mexican speedballs, or wiffle dust*
the koo koo quilt
 Is it me or has there been a massive explosion of crazy quilting going on?
You'll know by now that I do crazy most a lot of the time.
With so many online outlets now available to peruse such doings
I needed time out to find myself again!
It's all to easy to get caught up in people pleasing.
We are nearly halfway though the year
this is what I have to show so far...
 the network quilt
 the economy block quilt
 stars and stripes mini quilt
 the Liberty shell quilt
and the native American one.

* let me make it clear, I do not take drugs....but if I did....whoaaaa what quilts I could make!!


  1. I don't know what disco biscuits or mexican speedballs are, but those blue birds are very tweet tweet!

  2. Well...I would say that's a pretty impressive! And I love those little birdies!

  3. I like everything you have going on here! I'm intrigued by the clam shells, and all that pretty liberty fabric.

  4. Breathtakingly beautiful.....who needs drugs when we had fabric! :) x

  5. Love all of your quilts. Each one is unique and special.

  6. You've been busy! Love looking at your work.. So inspiring!

  7. I love that you don't do fast and easy quilts, just churning them out. All your quilts have so much character! I really, really like that first quilt with the dark pcs of fabric, the careful placement of solids and the lovely hexie blocks--very striking! I need to learn how to use solid fabrics better along with my prints as they seem to have such wonderful presence! All your quilts are a joy to look at, just keep doing what you're doing.:)

  8. I really love everything you do--all so beautiful.

  9. You've achieved so much this year I think! So many interesting quilts in the making, and they are very much your won thing and not what everyone else is doing. I like that.
    I find I often have to just step back from all influences online and just focus on my own ideas regardless of the latest craze or fad doing the blog rounds - I have too many ideas of my own that I want to make!
    Gill xx

  10. I particularly like the first one, the network quilt, I saw something like that, where the maker called it her "kitchen sink" quilt!

  11. Ahhh yes the people pleasing thing is enough to send you kooky! Well it pleases me to see the network quilt and your other projects, and I am really I am! At the end of the day you are people too and you must be pleased first. Take care.

  12. I laughed reading this - definitely is the year of the koo koo in my world too! Just need to slow down a bit :-)

  13. Time out is good. Quilting what you want when you want is even better. And a little bit of crazy never goes amiss.


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