Friday, 16 May 2014

when the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie....

 ..thats amor-eh!
 And that's our view of Sorrento from our balcony!
I have a big birthday this year
lets say it's the one where they say your life begins.
So this holiday was my choice
and somewhere I've wanted to go for a long time.
Not Sorrento actually 
but the historical sights of Pompeii and Heculaneum.
I didn't however expect to fall in love with Sorrento.
It's my third trip to Italy
and can honestly say it is by far the friendliest most easy going town,
I would highly reccommend it.
I strangely put it on a par with St Ives in Cornwall,
great views, quaint cobbled streets with an artsy vibe.
I have a feeling we will return...maybe sooner than later!

I'll leave you with the awesome Vesuvius over looking Pompeii.
More pics to follow
with masses of quilting inspiration that truly puts the 
'who got there first, regarding block design' to bed.
ps. I'm still a thirty-niner!!
Ciao bella xx
No one tells you that the air is filled with the
most intoxicating lemon blossom fragrance.
If you know what ylang ylang smells like you'll have an idea
of the headiness that follows you around!!!!!!!


  1. Love Sorrento. I had a restaurant I went to every time we were in port that did the most sublime homemade pasta with an aubergine and tomato sauce that I cannot replicate for love nor money. That and a lemon granita on a hot afternoon. Bliss! Glad you had a brilliant time and happy birthday for whenever it happens.

  2. Your fantastic photos make me want to jump on a plane and immerse myself in all that beauty and inspiration! You certainly had a wonderful holiday! Best wishes for a great birthday Clare!

  3. I want to go NOW!! It looks gorgeous xxxx

  4. Stunning! Happy Birthday present to you. I am only insanely miffed because you Brits can just hop over to Europe and we Aussies have to take an eight day camel ride to get anywhere. But don't listen to my moaning, it looked like a wonderful break and I will put it on my bucket list of places to go. I love the ceramics, I have a wall or two of hanging plates and I could easily make it a wall or ten. :-) thanks for the sharing of exotic places.

  5. I SO love Italy and your photos certainly do this most beautiful country (from an Aussie's perspective) justice. Happy Birthday and enjoy your holiday.
    Anne xx

  6. Wonderful!!!! We went there on honeymoon several years ago and I fell in love with Italy. I had wanted to visit Pompeii since I first was taught about it at school as a young child. The whole experience was a dream come true, Capri is beautiful for a day out too. Enjoy all the food. x

  7. Hi Clare! Looks like you have found the best place to visit! Amazing views and beautiful photos! My lemon doesn't grow well but if it makes flowers they smell so nice! x Teje

  8. Wonderful pictures, happy birthday, what a wonderful place to spend it. Think of your birthday as the 10th anniversary of your 30th birthday.
    Visited Pompeii many years ago and still have fond memories of it.

  9. How beautiful. Happy birthday and enjoy your trip! I visited Pompeii just for a day, unfortunately, and loved it. Totally fascinating and would loved to have explored more.

  10. Thanks for letting me travel vicariously on your birthday vacation! :-) (So jealous...)

  11. Such beautiful pictures! Looks like an amazing time.:)

  12. Beautiful~ thanks for sharing it with us and have a wonderful birthday!

  13. Oh Clare! What a pretty picture you paint! I can't imagine being somewhere so lovely and with the scent of lemon blossom it must be quite intoxicating!

  14. What a fabulous destination you chose. I love all your photos. Keep those suitcases ready for the return visit!
    Lisa x

  15. lovely photos! Looks like you had a beautiful holiday!


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