Saturday 10 August 2013

lost in translation..

There is a story here somewhere....
I just wish I knew how to put it together?

1. Lady playing Amelie tunes outside the Sacre Coeur
2. Love locks on a bridge in Paris
3. Me before I lost it*
4. Moi
5. Drawing in the sand is much like epp
once you start you cannot stop!

* if you find it can you please send it back to me?
ps. Secretly wishing I was the lady in pic 1.
pps. sand drawing is highly under rated
express yourself!


  1. Who else do I know would go to the beach and draw hexies!
    You look lovely with it or without it.
    I'd come and watch you in town if you played like the lady in picture number 1.
    Today's trip was so last minute there wasn't time to get in touch, sorry!
    Lisa x

  2. "It" might be back in France!! "It" will make its way back to you soon.... S x

  3. Great pictures. Wish I was there right now, it looks so fab. The love locks are brilliant aren't they and I really love how you've photographed them. I've never heard of them before.

  4. I hope you find it! Looks wonderful and you look very happy to be there! :) x

  5. That's a lovely photo of you.
    Sand drawing, what a great way to design a new block.

  6. What a lovely and fresh post. I'm blogging today and enjoying having Butchy resting and mending from his ordeal. Thank you for your prayers and kind words.
    Your blogging sister, Connie :)

  7. I'm no help as I never think I've had 'it'!

  8. Oh, who needs 'it' anyway! Wonderful post Clare...simply lovely.

  9. I can see why you want to be the ever so wappy lady in your 1st photo - I do too. Love the locks of the lovers on the bridges in Paris. xxxxx


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