Thursday 29 August 2013

I dream of dahlias

I have been out and about gathering gardening ideas for next year.
With the roses gradually dwindling
I'm looking for something to fill their boots.
So I took a trip with my parents yesterday to Gilberts Dahlias in Romsey Hampshire.
I have been  with them once before
but nothing prepares you for the awesome view that awaits.
This is not your usual dahlia buying experience.
These dahlias are huge and stunning.
Much fun is had marching up and down the aisle trying to choose
falling in love at every turn.
My Dad has begun showing dahlias at a local village show
so he was looking for show stoppers.
I likened his choosing to crufts.
 Marys Jomanda, Kate Mountjoy
Something Ballerina, Edinburgh

I was looking for something more me!
These are my choices.....I know kinda purpley again.
I don't yet own these beauties,
the service Gilberts offer is a £2.50 rooted cutting in spring.
So I have a year to wait (argghhhh)
and a year to work out just where I can squeeze them into my garden!!
If you love dahlias and just want to be awed
get yourself down to Gilberts
they do have dahlias to purchase 
and a tea room to ponder in..
just don't leave it too late
orders must be in before December.


  1. That is dedication - ordering now and having to wait a year for your plants! I love all the purple varieties you've chosen! I think Edinburgh is my favourite though!

  2. hey why don't I have dahlias in my garden? I will now :-D

  3. I love Dahlia's. My Dad used to grow lots. It seemed as though the garden was full of them when I was little.

  4. Top let is definitely my favourite of the bunch.
    I shall have to come across and help you choose where to put them. Like I know anything about that kind of thing!
    Lisa x

  5. So do I but sadly so do my pet slugs! :) x

  6. I'd never grown dahlias until this year, after I was given about 15 of the tubers in January, by a friend and her husband who are having to downsize their extensive collection because of declining health.

    I live right next to the ocean, so my soil is horribly sandy and far from ideal, but they grew very nicely over the summer and have been blooming non-stop for a couple months.

    I'm hooked! I can see that I will have a difficult time limiting myself to "just a few" new ones occasionally.

    I was warned that slugs love dahlias, but I decided against using any of the slug poisoning products, because of their dangers to pets. I kept a ring of coarsely crushed eggshells around my plants from the time they emerged from the ground, with good success.

  7. Beautiful flowers! I have tried dahlias but they usually are eaten by bugs in my garden! Grrrr.

  8. That looks an amazing place to visit and a great way of buying dahlias at a reasonable price the dilemma would be which ones to choose!
    Sarah x


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