Thursday 15 August 2013

eternal sunshine of a spotless mind

Now I know I have said my favourite hangout is in an art gallery..
but who doesn't love a beach?
For me a beach is a natural art gallery
where the artwork is free.
Whether it be the salty sea air or the wide expansive horizon
philosophical thinking always creeps into my mind.
Lately I have been much more interested in the person behind the blog
and not what the latest fabric must have is.
My most recent encounter is a lovely uplifting lady called Connie.
Who blogs from the heart and signs her name your blogging sister Connie,
which somehow makes her human and not just another blogger.
Connie is a big fan of France 
so I was dismayed to read that although she loves France
she will probably never get to visit....
and here we were about to embark on a 3 week trip.
So this is for you Connie.
You may never get to walk on a beach in France
but your spirit will always wander.
Give a creatively starved girl a stick and a blank canvas....

 *just noticed the doggy paw prints!

 * Ile D'Oleron
This morning my winter robin has made an appearance
which means that autumn must be round the corner.
The older I get the faster the years roll by...
the coast has a way of slowing life down,
moments last for minutes
which is good.
I am therefore taking a new approach to my sewing
Hence-forth I am now on a go slow sew.

Your blogging sister


  1. What a wonderful post Clare! Your photos are beautiful as are your wistful words... I too have taken to slow sewing! Life does indeed go too fast- enjoy each stitch. Thank you for my sand sign too!

  2. Quite right - artwork for free on a beach!

    Also love the big sky you get by the sea and the salt air!

  3. Oh Clare! My name in the sand in France! That is so beautiful and so sweet....just to think when you were in France a thought of me popped into your mind. So sweet! reason to run a race with an activity that should be savored and enjoyed. A lovely post...

  4. Lovely post, Clare. I've always enjoyed your posts so much because you blog from the heart, too.

  5. Dear Sweet Clare, you have touched my heart :)
    Thank you.
    Your blogging sister, Connie :)

  6. Hi Sis, Was the Isle D'Oleron nice? We went to Isle de Re one year and loved it (although it was busy). I too love France (as you know). Thank you for my heart xxxxx

  7. What a generous, thoughtful post. Keep living in these moments, Clare!

  8. Yes hands up I love a beach too. With the light and movement on the water the picture constantly changes. Your images are wonderful.
    Sarah x

  9. Stunning photos of the beach.
    Is the J&J for us? I don't want to presume it is, but am very touched you thought of us if it is!
    The rainy morning has definitely given today an autumnal air, the year is wending it's way towards another season.
    Lisa x

  10. Your photos of the Beach are stunning! X

  11. I never get tired of time spent on the beach. Your pictures are lovely. I'm definitely in slow-sew mode. I love the friendships I have made from the other side of a computer. It's amazing really.


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