Friday 28 June 2013

the rose bowl

 A few years ago I inherited this old rose bowl
and have been trying to fill it ever since.
I have resisted picking them until now.
 After the heavens open yesterday I was greeted this morning
with a number of droopy and broken roses.
 Main rose Gertrude Jekyll, New Dawn and Young Lycidius.
 So I had a play.
It's not actually full
but you get the idea.
I made the yearly pilgrimage to Mottisfont Abbey
to see the roses.
I was on the look out for a pale pink/blush rose,
and was rather taken by this moss rose
Jeanne de Monfort.
I quite like the mossy rose buds.
After substantial research
I have a list of possible candidates
Brother Cadfael
Wisley 2008
Gentle Hermione
I'd love to know if anyone has any of these
or could recommend a rain resistant rose?
Have a rosy weekend!


  1. Love those roses and sorry no idea abut your chosen ones! Though recently enjoyed the scent of Brother Cadfael in a NT garden. Also loved Geoff Hamilton and Crown Princess Margarite for scent but no idea about rain resistance - oh and Margarite isn't pink but Geoff is!

    Why not ask David Austen or Peter Beale!?

  2. Clare, your rose bowl is the sweetest I have seen - real treasure! Sorry, can't help you with roses - I would need heat resistance rosies! x Teje

  3. Hi Claire, Thank you for becoming my latest follower, I have joined you too and will look forward you. When I came over to visit you his evening I couldn't believe my eyes! I have been in the garden today too picking some pink roses and putting them in my glass rose bowl with achillea mollis! Our flower arrangements look so similar! I have recently read about Mottisfont Abbey and we were planning to visit there possibly next week. Jeanne de Monfont looks lovely, our Constance Spry looks similar to Wisley 2008 and isn't damaged by rain as much as some of the other varieties in our garden.
    Sarah x

  4. They are beautiful....I so need some old fashioned roses in my garden! :) x

  5. What gorgeous, blowsy roses - so pretty!

  6. Beautiful! That is a gorgeous bowl well deserving of pretty blooms!

  7. Thanks for the link to Montisfont it looks wonderful!
    Sarah x

  8. Lovely roses! I'm sure whatever you decide will be beautiful!

  9. I found this article online:
    I love roses, I have a little over a dozen in my garden. I have Mr. Lincoln, Queen Elizabeth, Double Delight and other fragrant roses. I don't hesitate to cut roses off the bush and bring the scent into my home. Sometimes, I give some to my neighbors. My rosebushes are located in the south facing area of my lot and I can't see them from that location. I planted them there because it is the ideal location for their growth.

  10. Your rose bowl looks stunning. I like the moss roses too, they look almost furry! Thanks for your comment recently. Hope the new job is going well?
    Hen x

  11. These are gorgeous! I bet the smell wonderful, too!

  12. your roses are lovely and so is that bowl! after a slow start, its been a good year for the roses hasnt it? mine have been stunning, and with many more rosebuds, it should be a lovely rosie summer!

    Leanne x

  13. Those roses look absolutely fabulous in that bowl. x


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