Monday 17 June 2013

blooming june

 young lycidius, gertrude jekyll, souvenir du docteur jamain
(roses appear much richer in person)
2013 has not been a flaming June
however things are catching up
after a non existent spring.
I have eleven roses in my garden
four of which are blooming now.

 Every year I write a list 'plants of interest'
and 'plants most definitely wanted'
I do usually prefer to grow my own
but when it comes to roses
that's a bit tricky.
I have two new roses 
rosa mundi and
the above is the first bloom ever in my garden of
rosa veilchenblau
which has been on the latter list forever...
Its a rambler which I have planted behind the pond.
It has clusters of small purple flowers
and smells divine,
some say it's an orange fragrance
I think it smells like a delicate perfume.
I cannot wait for the fence to be smothered in roses!
The next three plants will always appear in any garden of mine,
they are what I call good do~ers.
Above is the lovely alchemilla mollis
which will throw itself about the garden.
 Geraniums~ I have a fair number
(that's another post)
This one was £1.50 from the 'plantlady'
up the road.
And allium christophii.
I love alliums.
A garden's not a garden without alliums!
How does your garden bloom?


  1. I love roses of all shapes and sizes, but most important they need to smell nice. I also like cottage style flowers, not neat but popping up everywhere.

  2. Beautiful garden! I know my garden has been spectacular this year. It looks like yours is having a good growing season as well.

  3. Such a beautiful English garden! Your geraniums are so different to ours! And alliums- I don't think we have those at all! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Those roses look beautiful, I haven't any in my garden but I'd love some of the old climbers! :) x

  5. My roses are just starting to peek open - can't wait to pick a few for a posy! I absolutely love alchemilla and perennial geraniums - they do their best year in year out. Fancy having a plant lady up the road - heaven! Jane x

  6. I love roses. Have lots in my garden, climbers, standard. I even still have the one I bought twenty-three years ago. An old lady now, but still blooms lovely, she is a flori-bunda with a male name of Handel.
    Julie xxxxxx

  7. Beautiful! I don't have a garden...just a yard for the dogs to run in. It has grass, but that is about it. I'd love a great big shade tree and some flowers though.

  8. I have three veilchenblau climbers and added another this year. Through the years, one has even climbed up into a pine tree for a colorful display. For a climber that will bloom all spring & summer, I have a few Zephrin Drouin. Lovely fragrance & great for bouquets too.

  9. Pretty, pretty, pretty.
    I noticed as I collected the washing in today we have one very snail munched clematis!
    Lisa x


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