Monday 3 June 2013

iris and june

 Well we didn't have to wait too long.
Thank goodness for the sun,
it could easily have been a damp squib of a flower.
So what do you think?
 I have to say I was a tiny bit underwhelmed that it wasn't very showy
(compared to cultivars)
but to be truthful I placed it next to the pond
where I'm creating a wilder look..
so natural is good.
I think this may be the start of a new love affair..
I can hear you say what with Mr frog?
haha very funny!

On writing this post 
seeing the photos en-masse
I cant help thinking they remind me 
of a certain painting by a certain Vincent...
*Iris Germanica


  1. Beautiful! Simple flowers are always the best!

  2. Just wonderful! Nature never ceases to amaze me....

  3. Oh, it is beautiful! Well worth the wait :)

  4. I think it looks stunning.
    Your garden is wonderful.
    Lisa x

  5. Beautiful colour! Have you tried kissing the frog - you never know your luck! Jane x

  6. Love it! Is that rhubarb??

  7. Ooh, that frog picture is a fun surprise!

  8. I love your little pond and that frog! I love frogs...we never see them anymore :(

  9. She sew, she you cook too?!

  10. Clare, those are so amazing flowers! They are shouting: we want to be an art quilt! x Teje


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