Tuesday 1 May 2012

flowering snowball reveal!

 dappled adjective having spots of a different shade, tone or colour
 from the background.

 Nine months ago I conceived an idea for a quilt and today I gave birth!
The pattern is a simplified version of a flowering snowball pattern,
that I had admired on Marys blog.
I had just finished the summer of love quilt
so I was after an escape from all that colour!
The latter part of 2011 was a very grey year for me
 grey walls, grey skies and grey fabric.
I was inspired not by an object but of several blogs and a way of living,
one that I would love to live, but I just love colour too much to be that pure.
will give you the ethereal idea.
This quilt really should be called the learning curve,
as it's a first for me to sew curves, applique a quilt to the backing
 and also a first attempt at free motion quilting.
So you will have to forgive my overly whimsical, highly poetic choice of 
dappled days as a name, 
I can only say that I was channelling my inner Geoffrey Munn
(the romantically imaginative jewellery expert on the antiques roadshow)
Now for the juicy bits!
the pattern: flowering snowball
the fabric: sweetwater
sewing method: english paper pieced
backing: recycled bedding
quilting: free motion
size: approx 50" x 65"
wadding: heirloom premium cotton
time taken: 9 months
mistakes made: knowing that the backing was really too small but using it anyway,
which came back to bite me when sewing on the binding!
lesson learnt!
snuggle factor: very

If you would like to look back on the dappled days progress
check out here and here


  1. What a stunning quilt! Dappled days is the perfect name for it! And the first full shot of it blowing in the wind displays its beauty perfectly! The little squares of jade and the binding gives just the right amount of contrast! And it looks fabulous hanging in various places around your home! A triumph!

  2. I absolutely love the look of this quilt! Those dark grey dots around the edge, and the lovely binding, are fantastic.

  3. Its stunning Clare. You did such a great job :o)

  4. It is a wonderful quilt Clare. You should be very proud of producing something of such a high standard when you was learning how to do it at the same time! x

  5. Oh Clare! What a great way to wake up this morning! This was a boost for my tired, morning eyes ;) Aren't you so glad you made this quilt? It is perfect. So peaceful. You had so many firsts and you executed them so perfectly! Well, I just can't tell you how much I love this quilt {it will be a wonderful quilt to snuggle under}....I will just have to come back to this page to look at it over and over again :)

  6. What a lovely quilt - so calm.

  7. An absolutely perfect name for this stunning quilt. It's beautiful and you should be very proud. I've really enjoyed and looked forward to watching it develop.

  8. It is spectacular! I love the subtlety of the greys and creams - wonderful!

  9. Beautifully done! I'm sure you will have nothing but sweet dreams beneath it!

  10. Stunning, stunning, stunning. What a quilt! I just love the subdued hues, it is so sophisticated. Di xo

  11. Beautiful fabric choices, construction and great visual impact! It's a stunner!

  12. This is so beautiful!! So calm and relaxing

  13. divine. so happy you've finished it, love everything about it. especially the label. go you!

  14. Stunning and very ethereal! Dreamy! The combinations of fabric are lovely and those curves are lush. The name is perfect xx

  15. Wow! It is just lovely! Brilliant!

  16. Whow what a nice beautiful quilt. My complements.

  17. Whow what a nice beautiful quilt. My complements.

  18. What a marvellous quilt you have made. Love the polka dots to bits.
    You are right GM is very romantic in his descriptions, but he is just the tinciest bit creepy too I find.
    Lisa x

  19. I am in AWWW! This is beautiful. Just looking at it makes me feel relaxed and calm. I love it! I have been to chicken to try curves yet! Congrats on your achievement!

  20. That is just too amazing for words - I love everything about it - you are so very clever Claire xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  21. You don't disappoint! I have loved this since you started it and it has to be one of my favourite quilts - suprising since I usually love colour! You have mesmerised me with your magic!

  22. Oh! It looks so amazing :-) The different taupey-grey prints in the background give it so much texture and depth. Plus, I love the polka dots and the colorful squares connecting the pieces. Such a beautiful quilt. Your hard work definitely paid off!

  23. This is so sophisticated and beautiful! Congratulations, Clare. There's nothing suggesting you haven't made lots of curves before. Would love to take a class from you!
    ; )
    And I love all the pretty pictures of your quilt in your house. So pretty!

  24. Wow! It's a beauty, and I can't believe that's your first attempt at FMQ! Congratulations!

  25. Really cool quilt! I love the soft colors with the tiny accents. Great job.

  26. I fell in love with this quilt the second I saw it. I saved the image, shared it with my quilting group, its just so lovely, I really want to make one too. Today I received a wedding invitation in the mail, there is my reason to make this quilt. I won't finish it before the wedding, but the hunt for fabric I will use is now on. Thank you for the inspiration.


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