Friday 4 May 2012

addicted to piece and love

 you can't sleep, you can't eat
 there's no doubt, you're in deep
 you're throat is tight, you can't breathe
 another piece is all you need
whoa, you like to think that you're immune to the stuff,  oh yeah
it's closer to the truth to say you can't get enough
you know you're gonna have to face it
you're addicted to love.

 Thankyou Robert Palmer for your words,
I think they sum up the past couple of weeks.
Today however I'm not actually sewing
as I have a migraine and I'm posting from my bed.
Yet I'm still wanting to share my addiction.
Am I the only one who writes blog posts in their head....with a migraine?
Anyways I think Mr Palmer hit the nail on the head with his lyrics.
So if you dont mind I shall replace the wet flannel over my face and stop 
editing this post in my head..
so sorry if you end up singing addicted to love all day
I can think of worse songs!


  1. Its gorgeous Clare! Easy to be addicted to something so good :) Love the song...I will carry it with me today...hope the migraine gets better {sorry}.

  2. I'm almost afraid to start working again on any of my hexagon projects, because that song is SO true...they are an addiction that you can't put down!

    Hope you're feeling better very soon! I'm a fellow migraine sufferer, 45 years of them so far :-( A couple cups of coffee can help, and drink LOTS of water.

  3. Definitely will be singing this all day now..thanks!

    But I do love my addictions.....and really they aren't too bad.....knitting and running ...could be worse!!

    Pop over to my blog if you have the chance to read about them (when your migraines better of course)- have a really smart giveaway on offer at the moment.

    Have a happy weekend.. hope you get back to your addiction soon.
    Fleur xx

  4. Your piecing is beautiful! Hope you feel better soon :)

  5. So glad you can have a migraine and laugh at the same time. Hope you feel better soon.

  6. Great work and sorry about the migraine! I am quilting daisies and hearts today!

  7. I love robert palmer - he left this world too soon. thanks for the suggestion on quilting my queen-sized quilt. I'm still debating. And I hope your migraine departs quickly!

  8. I went back to the top of the post and sang along to the words! I hope that your migraine eases and that you can get back to your addiction! x

  9. Love this song (really) and this is lovely.....always enjoy seeing your progress! Feel better soon!

  10. What a great collection of fabrics you have! Your project is growing like crazy. And now that song is going to be stuck in my head all day! I'm going to go hum and sew now :D

  11. And I strutted my funky stuff in red lippy to it! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  12. Poor you a migraine and patchworkitis! The latter is incurable but I hope that the migraine goes soon. Di xo

  13. Lovely hexes!

    You are not the only one who writes blog posts with a migraine. I'm right there with you. Writing in your head is a nice distraction... For some reason, I find that the computer is easier to read with a migraine than actual print books. Go figure.

    This song was the first 45 I ever bought. And considering the date, probably one of the last 45s ever made. Ha! CDs were close behind... Florence+the Machine does an awesome cover of it. If you haven't heard it, you should check it out.

  14. Hardly an addiction when it produces such a great quilt! I hope you are feeling better. Happy stitching!

  15. beautiful quilt! it pairs perfectly with the addicted to love lyrics :) Hope you are over your migrane quickly!

  16. Well said.... these hexes are dangerously addictive!
    Hope you are feeling better real soon Clare.

  17. I have just fallen in love with paper piecing too and can relate. It is so soothing to do.

  18. Crazy stuff!! Do try and get some sleep though :)

  19. Another creation in the making. Hope you are feeling much better by now.
    Lisa x

  20. Feel better! It's no fun to be taken away from sewing by a migraine, but it happens. Hang in there!

  21. There is something really comforting in the thought of all these disparate women, with different lives, experiences and aspirations, all sat hand sewing hexygons :)

  22. Hi - Migraines are the worst, I get them too, though my magic pills do work so I don't suffer too long. I always write my blogs in my head, usually in bed, so that they just flow out no trouble when I finally get round to physically doing them. Another work of beauty in the making I see! xCathy

  23. Hi, I came across your blog after seeing the Rose Star block on Sewing Over Pin. I love your work - your quilts are gorgeous! I'm working on a hexagon charm quilt at the moment but would love to join in The Big Hex QAL. I'm still new in blogland and I'm not too sure about the time frame to complete the hexes for this QAL but I am very much interested in joining in the fun if it is still open.
    Hope you're feeling better. btw, I'm your newest follower =)

  24. Yes, sometimes I write mental posts at the most inconvenient times. Sometime it would be nice to have a scribe, am I right?


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