Monday 13 November 2017

Festive felt stars tutorial

Its been awhile hasn't it?
What better way to make a come back than with a tutorial!
My pal Mary aka Molly Flanders
is having a Christmas patchwork stocking sew a long
and has asked me to make some simple add ons to personalise your makes.
Check out the stocking tutorial at the blog SunnyDaySupply
And then come back here for extra inspiration.
These felt stars are super super easy
and really quick to make!
As with all my labels I start with an alphabet font that fits the occasion.
I have used PicMonkey
You can also image search 'alphabet' or 'alphabet colouring pages'
Save the image you want onto your phone, computer or you can print it out (at your chosen size) 
Repeat these steps for the stars.
 You will need two stars per badge.
I use my phone as a lightbox to lightly trace the letter with a soft pencil.
( do this at your own peril)
Decide on the size you want and cut out the letter.
 Trace around the letter with a pen.
 Make sure you flip the letter over so the ink marks will be hidden on the inside.
 Okay call me controversial, but Ive glued my letters with PVA!
You can most definitely stitch your letters,
I just wanted to make this a fun project
with not too much sewing.
 I have sewn a pin onto the back of the second star.
This is not necessary if you intend to hang your stars like decorations.
I used contrasting colours for the backs, the letters and the stitches,
you can use complimentary colours if you prefer.
At this point you could just stick the stars together as seen above.
Ive chosen to make them a little more special.
Stitch around the edge with embroidery thread.
 Add a little stuffing if you like.
And that's it!!
It really is so simple.
Once you've made one, it becomes a lot quicker
to make lots more!

These stars can be used to personalise anything,
I'm thinking parcels, garlands or decorations for your tree.
Don't forget to hop on over to
for this stunning patchwork stocking


  1. I love your stars! Thanks for the tutorial and welcome back to blogland!

  2. I love these! Your work is always delightful.


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