Monday 27 November 2017

Christmas stocking embroidered label tutorial

When Mary aka Sunnydaysupply asked me to design a stocking 
that could be personalised,
this was my idea.
My Sleigh bells ring candy cane stocking 
is just my example.
You could embroider a name or a place,
whatever you fancy!
This is an embroidery tutorial,
not a stocking tutorial.
Pop over to Sunnydaysupply for a super easy stocking tutorial,
it will change the way you make stockings forever!
 Okay so to begin with I drew the diagonal lines as a guide,
and then used picmonkey on my phone,
as I did with my felt stars tutorial.
I lightly trace the words.
 As you can see I had a few issues with those 'gs' going over the lines.
I will adjust as I go.
I have already drawn diagonal lines on my stocking template
 (for a printout see sunnyday stocking tutorial)
I find writing the wording onto the paper stocking
a good idea for perfect placement.
I used a window to trace the words.

 Call me mad, but I did indeed English paper pieced
my stripes!
I find its less wasteful and for me quicker than messing around on my sewing machine.
I imagine in the future I will machine the stripe.
 Tip* its helpful to number your strips before you cut them up.
 Once you've assembled your stocking,
you will need to transfer the wording onto the fabric.
This is where that perfect placement on the paper template really helps.

 As with all my labels I use a water soluble fabric marker.

 Remove the paper templates,
and stitch away!
I have used a perle cotton 8 thread,
 stranded embroidery thread works well too.
The main idea here is to keep your stitches small,
especially round the curves.
They don't have to be perfect,
but if you find you've gone a little wonky
 Once all the stitching is complete,
dab the letters with water to remove the soluble pen.
Give a light press, making sure the lighter seams lay
on the darker side.
Now you are ready to make your stocking!
Hop on over to Sunnydaysupply
click on the link to their blog
where you will find their easy stocking tutorial
 along with lots of inspirational ideas.
I have hand quilted my stocking and added pom poms.
You can do whatever you fancy!
How about a couple of felt stars?
As an alternative to embroidery why not make felt letters
as seen in my previous tutorial
If you're on Instagram remember to share
with #sunnystockingsal
we love to see your ideas!


  1. Fab tutorial! Adore your beautiful stocking and I hope to have time to make one!!

  2. This is so charming! I am loving seeing this stitch along and all the fantastic tutorials. Thanks for sharing your great ideas!

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