Monday 1 February 2016

The name game!!

 Way back in 2013 I was invited by Cindy from Liveacolorfullife
Many months and many quilts have past,
but today's the day....finally!!
Cindy was horrified to discover that although I'd dutifully responded
somehow I got lost along the way.
Now the Name Game has been resurrected  
I'm thrilled to play along.
Thank you Cindy...of course I'm still speaking to you! xxx
Pop over to Liveacolorfullife
for some new pictures and some old words!!


  1. I loved seeing your beautiful work on Cindy's blog. Nice to meet you.

  2. Hi Claire, its nice to see you blogging again too but where have all our favourite bloggers and blogs gone?!! Lost in IG I expect!
    Just enjoyed your post on Cindys blog, lovely to see some of your beautiful quilts of a few years ago.
    Hope you're back here to stay, take care and have a good week
    Gill xx


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