Wednesday 13 January 2016

I've joined a quilting bee

 Thank you for all your lovely comments regarding my last post!
I'm touched that there are so many of you still reading.

I've been invited to join a small quilting bee.
We're called Bee Adventurous Quilts
mainly (or so I thought) because its a travelling bee,
but actually I think we are supposed to be 
adventurous with our this is how I ended up epp my starter block
I have never been part of any sewing bees
so I'm feeling adventurous already!
This is going to be a year long project for the six of us,
I shall keep you updated on our progress.
Like I said I English paper pieced this 'pine burr' block
mainly because it would be a hot mess if I attempted this on he machine!
I'm posting this and a little sketchbook 
which I've enjoyed doodling in
this week.
I cant wait to get you cant either xx


  1. Hi Clare and have fun with your new adventure! Your starter block looks fantastic! Is it going so that everyone makes first their starter blocks and then others continue? x Teje

    1. Hi Teje yes we all start are own block and end up with it at the end x

  2. Have fun ! You won't regret it !
    I'm participating in a traveling bee, too and it's the last month. I've seen photos of 2 finished tops and they are gorgeous! Waiting for mine .... :-)
    You can take a look here:

  3. As you already know Clare, I think your start piece is amazing! And I love the note book too, I wish I had the time to include something so creative with mine but it's taken me long enough to get around to doing the block itself! I'm so pleased you're enjoying being a part of this quilt bee. When I first suggested your name to Julie I was a little worried you'd say no, that you'd have way cooler stuff to be getting on with! I'm really happy that you said yes and we have your talent in the group. :)

  4. Hey stepping out and collaborating is pretty adventurous! I am always quite amazed at the round robin quilts I have seen over the years, because so many eyes and ideas get to work on them, they are very unique.
    Let your quilts adventure begin.

  5. Oh my this is so gorgeous! Your colour choice is on point!! I'm literally all heart eyes.

  6. what a detailed block you have made here, I am sure you will enjoy your bee

  7. I love your block and that notebook is such a fun creative idea! Enjoy being part of a bee!

  8. You are such a smarty pants!


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