Sunday 18 January 2015

dreams and wip for 2015

 Well now before January has totally slipped by
thought I should share my hopes for this year.
My list of 'want to make' is somewhat short especially as I already have one 
under the belt!
However projects like the one below
just creep on in.
 This flying geese project is just a few hours old.
Flying geese are very much on my radar for 2015
they are such a joy to make,
and when kind friends send you beautiful fabrics
its so easy to set off on a new journey!
 I'm quite in love with the idea of marrying up 
the vintage sheets from AdaBea with the beautiful *Molly Hatch fabric
that Mary sent me.
*Ask Mary aka MollyFlanders for availability.

2015 projects
1 flying geese curtains for my sewing room (above)
2 epp red and white star Christmas quilt
3 plaid and denim flying geese quilt

1 Irish chain (top completed last week!)
2 Orphan block 
3 Liberty clamshell

Quite a neat little list really,
though I'm sure there will be more added!
On a personal front I'm hoping for a less anxiety filled year,
for this I am learning to run
which I have found wonderful for my mind
and for positive thinking!
Looking forward now to cracking on with it all
Thanks for your enduring generosity.
Clare xxx


  1. Oh, yes contempory designs and vintage sheets.....a winner! I love your Liberty quilt, that's one I will be keeping my eye on. I think the running will be great for you :) xxx

  2. So much fun to follow your quilting progress! I am a fan of flying geese, too and will probably need inspiration to start my own project, so I will keep an eye on yours!:)

  3. Good luck with the list and the running.
    Lisa x

  4. Your list is well defined and sounds equally as realistic and achievable. Enjoy! Running sounds like a great idea too. Love the beginnings of your Liberty Clamshells.

  5. Nice list Clare. Hmmm, a Liberty clam shell - now that sounds, and looks, gorgeous!! Good luck for your finishes.

  6. Your list is impressive, but then the starts are too! Ohhhh! I gasped when I saw your clamshell....and flying geese curtains are a genius idea! I want to see everything on that list come to fruition! I know I will be delighted by your makes in 2015!!!!!

  7. Flying geese are a favourite of mine too! Enjoy working on that list

  8. Such beautiful projects Clare. Flying geese curtains sound so fun, and you have whipped up that Irish chain quilt top so quickly. I am most looking forward to seeing your progress on the Liberty clamshells though!

  9. That's an awesome list Clare! I love patchwork curtains. Decades ago my mum gave me a patchwork she'd made and I turned it into a curtain for the boat we lived on at the time! You're giving me ideas… I love running too and it helps keep me on an even keel; such a great way to fill yourself with energy and de-stress. What sort of places do you like to run?

  10. Love your gorgeous flying geese. They are on my list for the year too.:)

  11. Hi Clare - I'm very much playing catch up in blogland and thought i'd pop by to say hi! You may remember you made me the most beautiful 'J' patchwork heart for me some years ago, in memory for someone special, well it hangs on my bed post and it is very precious to me, I just love it. Your patchwork is still just as awesome - love your list! xx

  12. Such lovely makes! I am glad to see those clamshells. Just sewed down my first row yesterday =)


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