Thursday 15 January 2015

An overdue thankyou!

 I have been thoroughly spoilt this winter,
words fail me...the generosity of online folk is astounding!
I do of course participate in the giving...
but always feel like I get way more in return!!
So a big thank you to..
 Mary aka MollyFlanders
 Susan aka Patchwork n Play
 and AdaBea aka VintageSheetAddict
I really cant thank you ladies enough
you spoil me xxx


  1. beautiful images, beautiful works!!!!

  2. spoilt me! Enjoy my lovely, make yourself something gorgeous! :) xxx

  3. What a delightful selection of fabrics. I love the teacups and spoons.
    I have a bag full of fabrics for you!
    Lisa x

  4. Absolutely gorgeous, sewing friends are always the best. x

  5. Hi Clare! Oh, these are all so cute and beautiful! Sewing ladies have so fantastic ideas and talent to make unique things! I'm wonderign what it the round thing in the First photo; up right, looks like felted. Have a lovely day! x Teje

  6. Ohhhhh! You are soooo welcome! I love sending you Christmas treats! I think the spoiling definitely goes two ways! Happy New Year, friend!

  7. Lovely gifts :-) I think it is always so enjoyable making handmade gifts for others who sew - you just know that they will love them :-)

  8. Oh Clare! I thought I had commented on this post....I think blogger is eating my comments! I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and, trust me, the spoiling goes both ways! You are well loved!


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