Thursday 20 February 2020

to see or not to see your stitches

This one of six has been a lesson on finding the right thread.
Whether you're happy to show a few stitches
 or want them completely hidden is a personal preference.
Generally I use an offwhite or a pale grey thread,
which are usually okay if I'm piecing patterned fabrics.
I have used darker threads in the past when I'm stitching dark fabrics.
And so we have the dilemma of stitching dark and light together.
I am a pretty lazy stitcher, in that I like a long continuous thread with few knots.
 However I'm not keen on the white showing through the green.
I tried a medium blue but wasnt keen on the stitches showing on the paler fabrics.
 So I've taken the decision to sew quality stitches,
afterall I am in no rush,
so mindful stitches it is.
Apologies for the colour of my photographs
the green I have used is really green in real life.
Check out my Instagram page for true colour pictures


  1. Slow and steady is the way to go with this, I think x

  2. I so understand how you feel. I love EPP and use a silver grey thread for most things but just occasionally it doesn't work and then I have to think and try things out. Using three colours like that would really annoy me as I like to stitch and stitch without stopping but I can see the necessity. x

  3. I can definitely see why the thread color would be so important. You do such beautiful work! Why be distracted by an unfortunate thread color.:) Wonderful to see you back up and running on blogger. Finally got your blog on my link list so hopefully I'll see the posts quicker.


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