Tuesday 31 March 2015

I thank you

Just a quickie to thank you all for your thoughts and feelings.
I've been learning a lot about myself
and I'm okay with having the odd rubbish day.
I have grown to like my own company over the years,
which isn't bad...
I have learnt that by not confronting your fears
instead of making yourself feel better
you just exasperate the problem.
I hope by talking about these issues
I am able to help some of you come out of the dark.
I wouldn't say I'm giving up blogging
because I do love to share my quilt reveals with you all,
I may be a little intermittent.
As you can see I have reached the point of no return with this quilt!!
Hopefully I shall blog next week 
fingers crossed for sun.

I really do appreciate the time you take to comment,
Clare xxx


  1. We can hide from others but not ourselves Clare, it's best to face things head on.....might not always feel like it at the time though! Take care Lovely :) xxx

  2. Your quilt is looking fantastic Clare :-) I hope the sun is shining for you today, take care xx

  3. you are great! also your work !!! :)
    a big hug from argentina

  4. Please, please keep blogging. Your work is amazing and you are inspirational and brave. It must be so hard to blog and share when you probably Want to curl up in a corner, but keep doing what you do. Lovely blog from a lovely lady. Love and hugs sue xx

  5. Great to see your approach to life.
    I do hope you keep your blog as I love to see what you are up to. Occasional postings are fine by me.
    Love the quilt- as always.

  6. so glad you are feeling better...and glad you are at the point of no return with your quilt! Its marvelous! Is it crazy to wish it was Christmas again!?

  7. Gorgeous! Just found your blog and IG account (via IG) and have become a follower of both, lovely, beautiful work!


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