Monday 7 April 2014

spring quilting

After a morning of serious spring cleaning
I have come to the decision that when my husband works from home
the house gets tidied
and now that he's popped out
I'm back to my quilty ways.
And whilst I'm cleaning I'm thinking of blogging.
So why is it when I do get to blog, my mind goes blank?
I'm nearly done with this little project
and as always I'm unsure.
I don't seem to be able to make pretty,
I seriously don't set out to make 
the type of quilts I make...they just evolve.
I guess we all have our ways...when I'm creatively blocked
I fall back on my quilting default
 english paper piecing + diamonds + startling colour combinations
So what's your comfort quilting style?
A damp duster is my new best friend (truly)
especially when cleaning seven years of dust
from wooden venetian blinds.


  1. I like how you described your "quilty ways." Can't wait to see your finished product.

  2. I find when I am in a slump a simple style strip quilt is so easy to make and quilt...quick and easy with no fluff, just straight forward sewing/quilting...I also love to epp when all else fails or my muse decides to go dormant.

  3. I love how you say 'I seriously don't set out to make the type of quilts I make...they just evolve.' My family accuses me of 'browning' or 'graying' down every quilt I make, but that's just me. I get agitated when I'm working on overly bright quilts! Your style is very personal and you should be proud that you're figuring out how to get there.:)

  4. I do loved these "startling" colors myself!

  5. My husband works from home everyday, I get excited when he has meetings out of the house so I can sew guilt free!

  6. well whatever you have that helps your quilts evolve I would like it too - they always turn out so beautifully :-)

  7. My fallback project is always EPP hexagons, I seem to make them into everything from bags to pincushions as well as quilts.

  8. Before I do anything else today, I must hoover all the dog fluff up. Mike showered them the other day and they're seriously casting their fur. (It's the warm weather).
    My default is probably hexagons, though I turn to my crochet at the moment. But then again I have a deadline to get it finished.
    I'll often start out on a new project, with a clear idea of what I want to achieve, but it doesn't work out as I see it in my head. I suppose I play around with my fabric a lot trying to get inspiration from how they react with each other. I love your stripy diamond, hexagon in your previous post. It gave me the idea of whirligig windmills. Maybe I'll get to try it out and see if it turns out as I imagine.
    All my blog posts stay in my head at the moment.
    I like your style, it's you.

  9. While the cats away the mice will play! Your default is fabulous! I hope you always fall back on your default. I can pick out a Clare quilt right have a style. Your quilts have Clare-essence! Love it, Clare!

  10. Venetian blinds - love the look, hate cleaning them. Mine need doing to. I always use those wet wipe/baby wipe things - already pre dampened, then just just a clean one out when I need it. Enjoy your quilting :)

  11. Use an old damp sock on your hand to clean the blinds! That way you "grab" the dust. I usually have about 5 socks ready to go before I start! :-) Love your EPP work! I always fall back to hand sewing in the evenings and early mornings when I'm not in the studio, currently doing a lot of reverse applique!

  12. qulty comfort? EPP for sure. hexies, diamonds, triangles, squares and stars.

  13. Blinds need cleaning? Darn that idea!
    Lisa x


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