Thursday 9 August 2012

a creative slump..

It seems it's not just me who's having a creative fugg...
 goodness knows how long it's been like this,
thank heavens for country living magazine,
what a great support!
 So you can see why I have creators block,
but you can't hear why..
if you could you would hear
 workmen knocking through our dining room wall,
high pitched singing
and lots of spine chilling drilling.
Roll on 4 o'clock when I can tiptoe downstairs to take a looky!


  1. Woa, goodness! The noise would surely drive me batty.

  2. I wrote down this quote because I think it's so true.
    Slumps are like a soft bed....easy to get into but hard to get out of!!
    Sorry I don't know who first said this but it's a universal thought! I'm sure when the construction is finished you'll get out of your slump for sure if not sooner!

  3. Do not sit under that shelf!! And I would be going batty with workmen making noise like that. Run away from home say I.

  4. Oh no! Quick, rescue that poor little bear!

    It will be back to business soon, don't worry :o)

  5. Maybe the nice builders will repair their damage!? Big breath, go out loads! Do some of that stitching abroad and post lots of pics of where you have been stitching! Or come and visit me then!

  6. Sounds like a good time to go the movies!

  7. Oh I hear you, Clare. Thanks for your comments, by the way. We've had builders in for 25 weeks (and counting), it was meant to be 12-14 weeks. They have been unbelievably unreliable and it's been a living hell quite honestly. Dare I say we are almost there, the final straw being that we are now in control of our new kitchen (the other work was insurance repairs) and the supplier is messing us around with delivery which was meant to be tomorrow and it's clear they've misled us. I too have made virtually nothing for the whole of this year, their presence is so unsettling. I hope you fair better.
    Hen x

  8. Ha ha, could help but laugh out loud at the country living magazine quip :) Nothing worse than continuous banging and drilling. Hang in there.

  9. ear plugs? at least THEY'RE doing all the work, and will do it fast. We've been "working" (i use that term loosely) on our patio for like, 3 months. Lol! I've been in a slump too, because my sewing room was an obstacle course. im just now getting it together. your shelves are neat, how they're all crooked an stuff. and i agree with Nicky, take your patchwork to the park or something, add to patchwork planet!

  10. ok wait, the shelf isn't supposed to be wonky! i thought for a minute it was, like a magazine rack my dad built as a teenager, where it leans so the side (your wall) is what the mags (you stuff) rests against. but i'm clearly a moron. did it break because of the builders hammering? how awful!

  11. What I do when in a slump is not do any projects at all..Just sit in a comfy place in the sewing room with a cup of your favorite drink and sort, sort books, magazines,looking at them all. Then another day fabrics, then sewing goods until I go through each one , then UFOs .This process will take as long as needed . What happens is I get either sick to my stomach when looking at a project and I throw it out , or give it away, but not force myself to do it. Or, I fall in love with it again and decide where to begin , little by little, if it is a hexie quilt maybe just prepare paper, or fabric collecting but with no hurry , then it is back again.Watching quilting related movies helps me too. "How to Make an American quilt" with Wynona Ryder , or You've Got Mail, or Little Women, Nanny McPhee :) I hope it helps ?

  12. Oh no, the bear (dog?!) looks like he needs a hand to clamber out! I hope the building work is going well and that they'll soon be finished. Or at least quieter!

  13. Oh I like Deborah's saying! I think many of us can relate to that! I hope things sort themselves out for you soon!

  14. Ohhhh...there is a squished face in the middle of the rubble! What are they singing???? Oh my! Tell them to come over here...they can knock a few of my walls down. I don't mind at all!

  15. I like Deborah's saying as well. All that banging can sure get on your nerves.

  16. I just LOVE that shelf Claire, it looks like it belongs to a very busily creative person.


  17. It seems to be taking forever - and I'n not living with it! xxxxxxxxxxxxx


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