Thursday, 23 January 2014

scrappy economy block

 Hi thank you all for your positiveness regarding my sketch.
I thought I would reward you with some patchwork!
Don't tell anyone
but I seem to have joined in with something!
With my efforts to reduce my scraps being poor to none
I thought this economy block was just the thing 
to lessen the load.
And because you have been ever so nice
an update to the crazy one.
I was thinking how my quilts are all different 
yet go well together..
I guess fabric choice has a lot to do with it.
This is another a little experiment with colour choice
it is what it is
okay with a little tweaking here and there.
100%   s-crappy fabrics

You can find a tutorial and qal links  here
 I used Crazy Mom Quilts measurements
which makes the finished block a little over 8.5 inches.
I know they are not perfectly square...
but who wants to be square right?!


  1. Looking great! And good for you for joining in the economy block-along! I love your colour choices too!

  2. I love your colour choices too :-) And your random block quilt is looking so good :-)

  3. Looks so beautiful Clare! I think I need to join also this economy block journey. I love your 'grazy' quilt even for me it doesn't look grazy but exciting! x Teje

  4. It's amazing how you try new colour ways that I couldn't even dream of and they go so well together. Looking forward to seeing the end result. Liz x

  5. Well, I work hard trying not to be square! I love your economy quilting...and in fact....because you like to use vintage fabrics...I would say economy is perfect! It is wonderful, Clare and will be a great addition to your quilt collection! Have you thought about how you will quilt it? I would love to see more of your stitching!

  6. Yep we are drawn to certain colours...( Ha drawn .......get it....drawn......see what I did there!) little sketchy humour.....oh stop please your killing me. Sorry, where was I? I love the crazy one .

  7. 100% scrappy are a favourite - so much to keep the eye busy with and so many fabric memories. The best-est quilts!

  8. Yay for working from scraps! This is a bandwagon worth getting on if you wanted to work on scraps anyways =)

  9. I love the colors and fabrics you use in your quilts. Beautiful!

  10. Your crazy quilt is looking great, I love seeing so many different styles together. I keep meaning to try an economy block too.

  11. Your quilt looks gorgeous and also your economy blocks.Have a fun weekend!

  12. The crazy one's looking good.
    I thought I would join in with the economy block. I made one to try it out then put it on hold whilst working on something or two else. Mine's small size and fussy cut.

  13. I love your colour choices Clare. You have an eye for colour and design. x

  14. Am loving the earthy colours of your latest 100% genuine scrappy quilt blocks! The blues and turquoises with the earthy brown shades are very restful and timeless, and you just have such a knack for getting the fabrics right even though they are scraps and not a carefully selected palette of pre-matched fabrics- it takes skill to do that! And I love how the white striped fabrics give it all a bit of a kick!
    The crazy one is looking fun!
    Have a great weekend Clare!
    Gill xx


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