Tuesday, 21 January 2014

feeling sketchy..

So here's something different for you Diane.
All I ever wanted to be as a child was an artist.
No one ever told me I couldn't
so unlike everybody else I never thought about
forging a career as a dentist or a doctor.
I have never been a fan of sketching 
because I don't have that natural talent.
The one thing aside from life drawing
that I remember from art college
was a visit from a brilliant artist who sketched every day....
 20~something years later and here I am.
Looking for inspiration I stumbled upon a whole new world
a world of sketchbook art..
google it if you dare!
So I started today.
I'm not sure of anything
I'm not sure where this will lead
I'm not sure what to sketch.
I'm not sure I can sketch.
Which is why I am also keeping a colour inspired book too,
for the pencil days that don't happen.
ps. cos theres always something I want to whisper
It's been a long time since I really evaluated my face for an artistic foray,
for now I'm leaving the wrinkles and jowls out.
I'm already giving the evil eye
and anyway I'm the one with the pencil!


  1. I am totally impressed!!! You are very very good!! xxxx

  2. I started drawing again recently too and I try to draw everyday. Like you, I'm not sure where it'll lead but I'm enjoying rediscovering the joy of drawing.

  3. I'm seeing a lot of talent here! I haven't heard of sketchbook art......super idea!

  4. Art can never be right or wrong, good or bad, it is creation. Drop the criticism drop expectations and drop the labels, just do. Practise will lead you to whatever you want, what feels clunky now will soon flow. Keep going.

  5. You've inspired me. Seeing this is making my fingers itch to draw something. I've never been great at the quick sketch because I'm always too cautious and feel the need to add excess detail :)

  6. Of course you can! You can! You did! My dad was an artist, Clare. I was a fine arts major before I switched to elementary education. Art is so introspective....especially sketching....keep picking up that pencil.

  7. You are very talented Clare! i look forward to more peeks inside your sketch book!

  8. Your page looks impressive to me.
    I wish I could draw, sketch and paint. I can doodle.

  9. Good for you picking up on sketching again! A whole new way of looking at things I would imagine when you look at them with a sketchers eye.
    Gill xx

  10. You have a natural talent for drawing Clare. You are fab! x

  11. And another talent to share with us.
    And what wrinkles?!
    It will be so interesting to see how these books evolve for you.
    Lisa x


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