Friday, 17 January 2014


Okay so remembering back to my summer of love sewing days
things definitely got ugly....but they turned out great in the end.
After the chaos of yesterday
I have made several readjustments 
to this project and to my head.
I am taking your advice
and sticking with it.....
even if it is all....
applique applique applique!
Happy Weekend readers x


  1. Yes! It's a balancing act! Have a wonderful weekend of appliqué!

  2. its looking great :-) Do you dread applique - I do! Hope you can enjoy it this time round :-)

  3. Yes, yes, this is going to work! Keep going. I liked it from the very first "one WIP post" =)

  4. It's going to be an eye spy quilt of sorts. I think this latest picture is looking good.

  5. You've definitely captured my attention, I'm looking forward to seeing your finished ta da moment Liz x

  6. Appliqué is awesome and so is this quilt. Keep going it's all coming together so we'll, and remember how all personalities go towards making a balanced whole.

  7. It will look great when you have gotten all the blocks together. Di x

  8. It is looking great though! Keep going - it will be so worth it!

  9. I think it's looking great too. I really enjoy appliqué, that would be a really nice way to while away a weekend for me.

  10. Bet you're glad you kept going with it. I like the hexagon panel on the right and the plate bit on the left the best so far. Liquorice allsorts is definitely a good name.
    Lisa x

  11. Keep going Clare. You will get it how you want it in the end!

  12. Its looking really good Clare - that dark neutral seems to link all the panels together, compliments the other brown fabrics which then makes the motifs and colours really stand out - keep going, its going to be stunning!
    Gill xx


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