Thursday 14 November 2013

scrappy fabric frame tutorial

It has been too long since I shared a tutorial...
in fact this is more a decoupage technique..
 using fabrics though and not paper.
This is my first attempt at a fabric frame
so let's work through this together!
Here's what you need~
A frame (or something you fancy covered in fabric!)
PVA glue, the type of glue that dries clear
A paintbrush
And fabric scraps*
* The point of this little project is purely to use up all those odds and ends.
That said, I can well imagine this would be really cute
with a limited palette of one floral fabric
or spots and stripes.
So lets go!
Start by taking the frame apart.
This first picture is inside the back of the frame.
This lip stops the glass falling out
and is where I began gluing.
When placing your scraps you will need to have at least one straight edge,
cut one if you need to.
Apply glue to the area of the frame that you are about to cover,
and smooth down the fabric with your fingers or a paintbrush.
Take the fabric all the way round the back of the frame 
to create a nice edge.
Continue overlapping scraps
glueing them down as you work around the frame,
always working from the inside out.
Another view from the back of the frame.
The fabric top edge can be neatened during or after.

If something isnt working add another scrap!

Be aware that you will (if you're like me)
get into a bit of a sticky mess,
but at least you are not taking photos (like me!)
Okay still with me?
The picture on the left is the finished frame.
To stop the fabrics fraying and generally hold it all together
paint a layer of glue over the whole frame.
This gives an almost plastic finish,
(if you want to keep the fabric look
then you will have to work very neatly
good luck with that!)
Once dried replace the glass etc....
and add a suitable picture or special postcard from a friend x

Good things to know.
Darker fabrics work better over lights
(as I discovered, see the purple gingham~ whoopsie)
Too much glue will give an opaque look when dried~ boo.
Make sure you remove any fluff from the finished frame
before you coat it in glue.
Admire what you've made
and think of bigger and better things you can cover with this technique!


  1. The finished results looks good. I have tried this with paper and it turned into a mess. I will now have a go with fabric. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Hi Clare! Your frame is beautiful and great tutorial! I have bought glue ages ago and didn't do anything yet - I hope you pushed me to try. x Teje

  3. Thanks Claire for the brilliant tutorial, I'm definitely going to use some more of my scraps on this as well as the baubles Liz x

  4. Hi Clare! This is oh so clever. I used to love to decoupage anything and everything with beads, buttons, paper, you name it. I'm not sure I ever tried fabric! Lovely tutorial, beautiful pictures :D

  5. Brilliant! Great tutorial Clare, I must have a go at one of these.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Gill xx

  6. Love the idea and the tutorial. Thank you.

  7. Absolutely adorable! Thanks for a super fun idea!


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