Tuesday, 19 November 2013

framing notions ~ arsenic and old lace

In an effort to
keep things simple
I had an idea 
and I completed it in a day!
 It started with an old brown frame you know the type.
Just hanging around from my childhood,
not really loved
but sentimentally cherished,
a Farrow and Ball arsenic* tester pot,
a sewing notion from Australia
and some moda fabric from America.
Put them all together...
and we have a fine romance
and not a dark comedy

*arsenic ~ just about my all time favourite colour!


  1. Positively romantic- arsenic and all!

  2. The three joined together! Perfect! I am in LOVE with Farrow And Ball! I haven't used it....very expensive to purchase in the states, but I adore their inspiration rooms. So the arsenic must be sort of like chalk paint? I love it Clare! What a great one day project :)


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