Thursday, 23 May 2013

quilting by numbers

Normal service is resumed!!
My computer that is..not my quilting
that's never normal.
This mini has been living on my lounge floor for a week or two.
Only stitching an hour at a time,
as my shoulder allows.
(rep strain injury)
(epp strain injury!)
I am not actually quilting by numbers
they were a safety net 
before I cut up all those triangles.
As I'm nearing the end
thoughts turn to quilting etc
 Whilst we're on the subject of numbers
my pal Jessica Life under Quilts
has written a sublime book on epp.
It's all about the top of page 48 for me!
More on that later...


  1. I'm excited to see the finished product! What an interesting approach.

  2. I would confuse myself so much........;) x

  3. Hi Clare, I have missed you! I'm happy to see that your quilt is going on and hope to see more soon! x Teje

  4. The mini is going to be an absolute winner! Can't wait to see it- no pressure, though!

  5. Sounds great! Ideal car projects!

  6. OH.MY.GOODNESS!!! Clare, I dont know how you are crossed-eyed or wacka doodle by now!!! That looks so complicated! I am amazed!!! You are my hero, Clare :) This is going to be spectacular....and I can't wait to see the book!

  7. That book looks exciting. Almost as exciting as your sewing there. Can't wait to see it all pieced.

  8. can't wait to see this mini - looks amazing. And that book looks fantastic too - perfect for summer holidays :-)

  9. Do us a favour and turn that mini round will you??

  10. Gosh I love the look of this book - I just looked at Jessica's blog and will buy her book just for the Tanuki Stripes pattern! I wish the publishers had put that project on the front cover. Look forward to seeing the other side of your quilt :)

  11. There is no way that I could keep track of over forty pieces. Pictures of the completed quilt are definitely worth a look. The book sounds really like it would be really exciting and that it would be a great read for someone who is new to quilting and full of questions.


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