Tuesday, 14 May 2013

garden specials

 It may as well be April.
The garden is very much a shrub land right now
with the odd bulb giving a glimpse of spring...
 thank goodness for blossom.
I don't really buy magazines anymore,
but like the December issue
the May garden special has become a must.
I find Country Living a bit hit and miss
which is why if an issue disappoints
I can thumb through my old copies.

It may well be raining but with the spring we've had
I just want to be outside....

ps. I have the worst hayfever ever!


  1. Sorry about the hayfever! Your garden is beautiful though!

  2. I usually have hay fever but nothing this year! It's been really cold here, I do hope the lovely three days we had over the bank holiday weren't our summer!!! :) x

  3. Such a beautiful garden!! Your brick pathway is gorgeous! I LOVE the UK version of Country Living. A little pricey over here. If I can't resist, I buy the digital version.

  4. Oh that Bank Holiday weekend was such a tease - I hope that's not going to be the end of the nice weather. Sorry to hear about your hay fever - I always associate it with long hazy summer days outside - having it in this weather is a real bummer! Jane x

  5. I love your brick path! I hope the hayfever dies down soon xx

  6. Hi Claire, I have to agree about the Country Living....It was disappointing this month, but some other months are great.Your garden is looking lovely ....I love to be outside at this time of year too.
    Jacquie x

  7. Your garden looks so beautiful! x Teje

  8. Clare your garden is so beautiful! I love the brick pathway and the little pond. Oh my....I can just see myself sitting there having a cup of tea and doing a little stitching with you!

  9. I'm sure it is winter outside today, not spring or the start of summer!

  10. Good Morning, thank you so much for visiting and leaving your sweet comment.
    Your garden is beautiful and your pond is a charming addition. You certainly have a wonderful green thumb and I see that we both have a fondness for Country Living magazine. I look forward to my issue arriving each moth. Of course it is always a treat when the mailbox contains things other that advertisements and bills, LOL.
    Have a lovely week.
    Your blogging sister, Connie :)

  11. The garden looks as lovely ever to me.
    Hope you managed to get outside today.
    I'm a bit rubbish at gardening, I could help with eating cake and drinking tea in the garden though!
    Lisa x

  12. I am the same, absolutely suffering with hayfever, to the point where I was convinced that I had yet another cold. How can that be with so much rain??? Here's hoping we are getting a big dose now, and it will be over soon.

  13. Go plants, GO! Bring on the flowers :-D I always think my hostas are dead, since they take so long to emerge in the spring. Some years it just takes so. much. longer.


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