Tuesday, 25 September 2012

still life

Life has been anything but still this year.
Soon after the builders departed we made a swift exit to the West Country.
Now that we are home things have returned to normal,
 weather included.
I always come home with found treasure,
beachcomb fodder.
I often get attached to some sort of flotsam,
I cannot walk a beach with my head up.
I swear if I lived closer to the sea I would have a house made of driftwood
 or one of those grotesque shell grottos at the bottom of the garden.
Its now the time of year to collect seed, plant bulbs and make...
 raspberry vodka of course!
The latter is an experiment
a bit like sloe gin but with raspberries and vodka,
using what I have in an effort to keep things thrifty
and I have ALOT of raspberries.
To 300ml of vodka I squeezed in 220g of raspberries
and 100ishg of sugar.
The recipe says to shake for a week and then leave for 10 weeks
strain out the fruit (and errr eat them??)
and then...
leave for a year....
As with most of my 'wing it' ideas
I shall let you know how this goes.
It looks very pretty anyways,
but not sure I can wait a year!

*Saunton Sands beach.


  1. Love the shots of the beach - the colorful huts dotting the beach! And the peek at your new room is so inviting.....so is the raspberry vodka ;)

  2. I'm sure it will taste yummy if you can't wait that long! The beach huts are so cute! And the kombi van too! Red robin, red van and red vodka- bingo!

  3. Love the beach huts and the VW, bet I would love the vodka too! Ada :)

  4. LOVELY photos clare :o) I love saunton sands, and woolacoombe too. In fact, I was there for a weekend early September.

  5. is that your VW splitty? I really, really like those. we own a 1985 VW Vanagon Westfalia -- a great vehicle, but not the classic VW bus like yours.

  6. Thanks for the eye candy this morning.

  7. The photos are lovely. I am making homemade vanilla with vanilla beans and vodka...it says to allow to sit for 4 months...mine has been sitting for 9 months and still tastes like vanilla flavored vodka, not vanilla for cooking! Good luck with your raspberry vodka

  8. I love that robin mug.
    OK, got my diary out. I'm coming to next for a vodka tasting session, next September you say?!
    Lisa x

  9. Lovely photos.....wish I was there! I love Emma Bridgewater. I could just pluck that mug right off the screen!

  10. Such beautiful photos. Agreeing with Deborah...


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