Friday, 28 September 2012

saving bees

When I say save bees I mean literally.
This poor little guy was caught out in the rain.
So I scooped him up on this sedum plant*
and brought him indoors to fluffen up.
I love bees and have dedicated my garden to bee friendly flowers,
so we have plenty of bees that need rescuing,
especially when they get trapped in our house.

To speed up the recuperation 
I administered a little honey,
I'm never sure if this is the correct thing to be doing,
but it is local honey!

Am I alone in my efforts?

* if you only have room for one bee plant
grow a sedum!

ps. just rescued a big bumble bee from my pond..phew.

Ha-B-y Weekend!


  1. Bee still my heart! What a precious picture :) You are the Bee Whisperer, Clare!

  2. We have sedums but the last time I went into the garden they were covered in wasps!
    Lisa x

  3. You are a kind soul Clare. I hope that the little bee fluffed up suitably! I am sure he appreciated the honey as it will give him the strength to journey on! x

  4. My sedums are doing well this year, one has even split its so heavy with flower, yes I'm with you on the bees.....not so keen on wasps though! Have a great weekend! Ada :)

  5. Sweet! My sedums are covered in bees! They sure do love it! x

  6. Awe well done Clare, I love bees and always rescue when I can. I rescue everything when I can really!!
    Vivienne x

  7. Given my allergy to bees, rescuing would not bee my first reaction to a sodden bee! Great photo though!

  8. Aww you are so sweet! Bees get such a bad reputation when they are really very sweet! I love going to my local bee farm to get yummy honey and whenever I see them in danger of someone swatting them I try to rescue them too!! Amazing photo as well!!! Would you mind if I use it as my background on my computer?

  9. We have lots of bee friendly plants and I spend lots of time in the warmer weather helping lost bees out of the house/conservatory back into the garden!

  10. I love how fluffy your bees are ....they are sleeker here in Australia. Well done on the rescue, they are incredibly precious things.

  11. Do you have any butterfly bushes? Ours are always FULL of local butterflies as well as bees from spring til.. now. It's rainy this week, but we still had some winged visitors last weekend. And they smell lovely..

  12. I love bees and the bumble bees you have in Europe are like flying pom poms, they are seriously cute. Love your photo.
    Anne xx

  13. I made hubby rescue a bee from a lake today because of this post! xxdxxx

  14. Bees are so lovely aren't they? We've filled our new cottage garden with bee (and butterfly) friendly flowers and are sitting back enjoying watching them buzzing busily from flower to flower. Bliss...
    Angie x

  15. That is one of the sweetest things I've ever heard! Saved him from the rain, so cute, I didn't even know that rain was that bad for them!


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