Wednesday, 20 June 2012

the gingham garden

If you read between my lines
you've probably worked out that we are having an extension built,
which means I cant potter in the garden!!
I'm doing my best to keep out of their way,
but on occasions when I'm home
I bury my head in the stash sand
plug in planet rock
and surf the net do stuff.
So Krista from Kristastitched is hosting project gingham.
As I am on a no spend and have gingham I thought I'd have a go.
This is it so far, I have no idea where it's heading,
possibly a table runner?
I like it hanging on my design wall though hehe!
ps. is this block a shoofly or reverse shoofly?


  1. I don't know what its called but it is very pretty!

  2. I love gingham just as much as I love spots! And red and white is my all time favorite! Glad you are staying out of the way - wouldn't want you to fall in a hole! My guess would be the block is a variation of a nine patch. Hope you have a wonderful day, Clare!

  3. In answer to your p.s., not sure, but either way, they are very fresh and summery!

  4. So pretty in gingham! I don't think that's a shoofly..

  5. Well I suppose it depends . . . I'd say it's a reverse shoofly, since traditionally the darker fabric goes where you have the white. But its the same shape so who really knows? :)

  6. Whatever it's called, I like how it looks in gingham!

  7. Fresh and summery..............we could all do with a little summer right now......lovely blog, gorgeous quilts.

  8. Gingham is gorgeous! And well worth playing with!

  9. haha, you didn't get an answer! i say it's whatever you want it to be :D


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