Thursday, 7 June 2012

bring me sunshine...

er-hmm quilting over...let the binding begin!
I'm continuing the theme of vintage sheets for the binding,
one bonus is the extra wide fabric you get from bedding.
I am going for a wider than normal binding,
to produce a more substantial edge.
 It is a prerequisite to adjust ones attire accordingly!


  1. If I could I would! Love the peek at the quilt and the curly lines are precious! And of course perfect binding :)

  2. Is binding the not-so-good bit?! I wish I could bring you sunshine. Not seen much here in over a week! x

  3. Better having to wash the dishes in them I guess! The binding fabric is fabulous!

  4. i think binding is one of the best parts! definitely better to wear rubber gloves for quilting than for dishes, hehehe. here's to sunshine!

  5. I love this quilt! The binding is perfect and so are the gloves!

  6. Oh boy! This quilt is going to be so pretty :-D

  7. Looks great. Gloves? To avoid slipping so much? Great idea. Must try.

  8. looking gorgeous - love your loopy quilting!

  9. I love the co-ordinating gloves! The quilting looks lovely!


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