Friday, 5 August 2016

my festival of quilts entry

 Yep you heard it right,
I have entered, my first ever quilt show!
I feel quite insane now the Festival of Quilts is upon us.
I just wanted to give anyone visiting the heads up.
I havent entered for any sort of fame,
I've entered as a life goal,
and because I'd like to share this quilt with 
my friends and followers.
Please be is not one of those perfectly machined quilts
Its 100% handsewn and hand quilted.
The Exhibition runs from 11th to the 14th of August
at the Birmingham NEC UK
I will be attending on Sunday afternoon.
Thanks again for stopping by 
Clare x


  1. Stunning! I hope you win an award.

  2. Beautiful! I can see you worked very hard on this. I hope to become this skilled some day.

  3. Best of luck in the show! Looks beautiful hanging in the garden!

  4. Wow! This is amazing, well done...a quilt to be shown, that's for sure! :) xxx

  5. Wow, it's so very beautiful... It's sings of a very talanted woman, best of luck.

  6. brilliant! Look forward to seeing at FoQ!

  7. Love it! Personally I find the slightly wonky imperfect quilts to have more soul than pure perfection. And I love the use of the tablecloth for a backing....that is a tablecloth yeah? Good luck and embrace the hanging of a quilt not the judgey bit. If you love it that is all that matters.

  8. Clare! This is so lovely!! I can't even imagine how many hours the piecing took. Beautifully done. Bravo!!

  9. Wow, that is amazing! An incredible amount of work involved. Good luck, and have fun at the show.

  10. Your quilt is gorgeous and I love the idea of using a vintage tablecloth (?) for the backing!
    I adore your work and wish I was half as talented and consistent with my sewing.

  11. It's stunning! I can't wait to see it 😁 xx

  12. Your quilt is incredible! Can you tell me please what the pattern is, did you design it?

  13. good luck. great looking quilt.

  14. I wish I could come and see this in person - it's stunning. much more interesting than
    "one of those perfectly machined quilts"

  15. That looks amazing, congratulations !!


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