Thursday, 22 August 2013

patchwork 'n' love

 With my new pace of sewing when the mood takes me
I will hopefully return to writing about what I'm loving.
   In the crazy world of quilting it's all too easy to lose sight of 
the whats and the whys;
and get caught up in the sewing of patchwork
and forget the passion.
Just because you say I could make that 
shouldn't stop you from buying.
If like me you REALLY love patchwork
then appreciating each others work is not a chore.
I sit next to this vintage patchwork cushion everyday
 I didn't make it but I do LOVE it.


I know what you're thinking right?
Whats that fabulous cuff on her wrist and where did she get it?
Actually it was a surprise* gift from Susan aka Patchwork n Play
who is equally if not more passionate about patchwork.
And yes if I had seen this for sell in a shop
it would have been mine.
Thank you Suz
you know me so well!
*more to follow!
**pardon the shameful display of legs!


  1. Great legs! Lovey cushion and great cuff! I love having things made by friends around me!

  2. Bracelet and cushion = match made in heaven. Love the colours, patterns, perfect. Your garden is looking fab too, mine not so much. x

  3. What a beautiful surprise gift.
    Lisa x

  4. Lovely cushion! I was thinking where is that bracelet from?! Its super cute! And hello sexy legs!!

  5. Tried to imagine the pillow without your legs in the picture but it just looks absurd with a flying gorgeous patchwork pillow next to a mini skirt without legs hang gliding a good 2 1/2 feet from the ground... Twink.

    PS You are right. True passion doesn't necessarily mean we have to make everything we want ourselves. There is something genuine in purchasing an handmade item form another crafter. We understand the work behind it and can feel the love from first sight.

  6. I was just going to say what cute legs you have, Clare! And what a wonderful gift. I love it when friends who share our passion also "get" what we really enjoy.

  7. Beautiful cushion Clare! And the cuff DOES suit you.....and you have great legs!!!

  8. Aren't you so cute in your garden in your cut-offs! And I am with got some good legs,girl! Fabulous cushion and cuff. Both look so much like you!

  9. ... now we all look again your legs! yes, great! And the pillow is really sweet and the bracelet also! x Teje

  10. I love that cushion too. No wonder you use it every day. I'm trying to make my own at the mo but finding it quite hard to ever complete. Maybe one day.
    Rosie xx

  11. How about once I get those children off to school again I pop over to you for a natter and a sit (if the weather allows) in the garden?
    Lisa x

  12. Oh gorgeous legs........and gorgeous cushions.....perfect!!
    Thank you for your lovely comment on my blog too,
    Much love Helen xx

  13. That cushion is really pretty! I've been wanting to apply myself to some serious quilting for a looong time now, but I think that it would take away too much time. I make cushions for my shop, so I need to be quick! I also like that bracelet a lot. Good job!

  14. ow ow! nice gams! i love that pillow, and also Susan is the BEST. Such a pretty bracelet.


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