Sunday 14 April 2013

Le Challenge ~ Geometrics

 Sometimes all you need is a little nudge
to set you off.
 It's been way too long since I've picked up a paint brush and oils.
I had forgotten how much I LOVE it!
 I have had this painting in my head for awhile
and had the canvas for even longer.
I originally had an idea for an even scrappier style painting,
that can wait.
So when Lucy and Nat came up with their 
I knew what I wanted to do.
I drew a somewhat random pattern
with a pencil and ruler.
The basis for the colour palette was 
my summer of love quilt
(yep still rolling that out)
Although the colours are not all faithful to the quilt
the values remain well balanced.
 So well balanced in fact I'm turning it into a mini.
I mean it would be rude not too right?
English Paper Pieced but of course!
So there we are.
The hardest part with painting is knowing when to stop.
For now I'm calling it Love/Hate.
If I was having a crit I'd have to come up with something meaningful as to why.
Well the love part comes from my quilt
 and the hate because it has a somewhat angst kind of feeling.
Either way I have a feeling this will be the first of many
paintings of quilts and quilts of paintings!


  1. Beautiful: seeing the photo of the quilt on the top right of your blog next to the painting make both sing together. How clever of you to pick up those gorgeous colours. A very dynamic painting that seems to almost move and create volume as you look at it. Lovely. JJ

  2. Hi Clare! Your painting is fantastic! I haven't touch my paints for ... at least two years, maybe I should ... Your idea about paintings of quilts and q of p is so great! I could paint a paper pieced quilt, that I'm too lazy to sew ... Thank you for inspiration! x Teje

  3. It really would make a beautiful mini - and I think your name for it is perfect :)

  4. Well I think it's great, it's go loads of energy in it....those colours are fantastic! :) x

  5. I love it! And it looks brilliant hung there on that white wall. Can't wait to see you piece it too.

  6. Its brilliant Clare! You knew just when to stop.

    It will also look amazing as a quilt.
    Gill xx

  7. Such a wonderful entry! Love it! Thanks for participating!

  8. Really cool painting, and a great size! I am definitely feeling inspired to pick up my brushes.

  9. It's amazing! Looking forward to seeing it as a quilt too! xx

  10. I love that a quilt inspired this painting. Nice.

  11. It's fantstic. Love the colours, and in oils too! You clever thing x

  12. Clare I am just so thrilled that you picked up the paintbrush! This is so stunning! I love that it was inspired by your genius quilt (roll it out as much as you like, it deserves it!). The colours are beautiful and it looks so striking on the white wall. I look forward to seeing more of your paintings now! Thanks for linking up :)

  13. You've almost (almost) inspired me to get my painting gear out again! I love your quilt painting! The colours are gorgeous!

  14. Hi Claire, love your painting and look forward to seeing more.
    Jacquie x

  15. Well I LOVE it. I actually thought it was a quilt. But painting is even better.

  16. It's beautiful!! I love that it's inspired by a quilt, yet is inspiring a quilt itself!

  17. What a stunning painting - it'll translate to an amazing quilt. Can't wait to see.

  18. What type of paints did you use? I love to paint, and want to do a "quilt" painting for my new sewing room. Thanks for the inspiration.

  19. I love it and can't wait to see the fabric version!

  20. Love the painting, and the quilt will be brilliant!

  21. Eek! I love it! It really is unique! You created a canvas modern quilt!

  22. Love both! The painting and your quilt!

  23. I love it :-D There is no end to your talents, lady!

  24. This is amazing and I can't wait to see a quilt version! Fabulous!

  25. Wow, Clare! What a great piece! I love how it looks on that fresh wall with the light streaming in. The quilt version will be amazing! Can't wait!


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