Friday, 22 February 2013

friday afternoon basting

Has anyone ever entered their own giveaway?
I have a feeling I probably won't win.
Wow basted within 10 minutes,
wish all quilts were so speedy.
I'm still undecided on quilting,
possibly a mix of machine and hand.
I have a busy weekend so it will have to stew in my head.
Happy weekend again!!
Dont forget to enter my giveaway here
to win 
a little love
(and thats a quilt by the way and nothing else!)


  1. It's gorgeous! I can see why you would want to keep it.

  2. Ooh, a giveaway?! Fun! Hopping over to check it out. Seems like you ought to be able to enter, lol.

  3. Your work looks so flippin' brilliant. beautiful.

    One day, I will have to break in to your house and steal all your quilts.


  4. It's gorgeous!! No wonder you would like to keep it. 😊

  5. You look so peacefully immersed in your task.
    Enjoy your weekend,
    Anne xx

  6. A mix of hand and machine would seem the perfect finish! That's if it comes to live with me of course- that WOULD be the perfect finish!

  7. Looks fab. Have a good weekend, whatever you are up to.

  8. Basting is the bit I like least Clare! It is looking gorgeous - such great fussy cutting and matching of seams!

  9. Just look at all those comments! There are lots of people who would love the own a selfsewn original, as well they should, mine sits on my mantelpiece and makes me smile every day.
    Lisa x

  10. This is just so beautiful!! Love your collage!


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