Monday, 12 November 2012

my fair lady

Well I can tick 'do a craft fair' off my bucket list!!
Thank you for your encouragement and well wishes.
After I realised New Milton has a huge blue rinse population (older persons)
I sat back and prayed for some yummy mummy's to turn up.
And they did.
There is absolutely nothing wrong with the older generation,
I love a natter as much as the next person,
my 'stuff' is, shall we say aimed at a younger crowd
(one that doesnt knit, crochet or sew).
So what did I learn through this experience?

1 research your craft fairs demographic...
2 ....and price accordingly
3 let your hair down, it's friendlier
4 take some sewing with you
(it kept me awake through the slow times and adds interest)
5 make more garlands and less patchwork
6 smile and enjoy!!
7 seriously think about selling online!!

I would like to thank everyone who supported me 
and to Anne who left me a lovely message
and is hopefully getting to grips with some paper piecing
Anne if you get stuck, click on my tutorial.

Now I can get on with all those exciting things
like housework and painting our new extension.
I'm whitewashing, it's real fun
anyone want to help me?


  1. Your stall looks really yummy clare and I am neither a yummy mummy or one of the blue rinse brigade! I am not up for the whitewashing but I would have loved to have a look at all the lovely things on your stall! x

  2. I was wondering how the fair went?! Your display looks gorgeous! I hope it was worth all the fair lady! Great blogpost title! ☺

  3. Your display looks perfect! Fairs are very long days - they can be draining. It looks like there were quite a few vendors. I want to come and help with the painting. I am sure I could learn a lot from you.

  4. Hope it was worth your while. Sounds like it was!

  5. Yes you have to have the right 'audience' for you wares! It all looks fab, not sure I would describe myself as a yummy mummy anymore, but I would have made a purchase or too! :)

  6. Looks like a great display, and great tips!

  7. Loved this post! I see lots of wonderful things on your table. So does this mean you are considering etsy? I'm impressed you were able to make so many things!

  8. Gosto dos seus conselhos.Sempre esqueço de levar alguma coisa para o tempo ocioso...Valeu a pena para você?Beijos

  9. These fairs can be very hit and miss. I did one last year and made a fair amount, but only sold cards (which i nearly didn't take! ). It was billed as a Christmas Gift Fair, but the ladies where very "Footballers Wives" and the lady selling the nasty bling and leopard skin tat (who could take payment by credit card) made a killing. Your stall looks fantastic and I'm sure it will sell on Etsy etc xxxx

  10. Your stall looked great, glad it was a successful and enjoyable day.
    Lisa x

  11. I see lots of goodies I'd buy online.....especially the dala horses! I have a small tree that I decorate with Swedish things. Your table looks beautiful!

  12. It's tough to know what will work at any given fair - even with research - until you've done that particular fair a couple of times. Your work is beautiful and I'm glad that your crowd showed up. :-)

  13. What a great booth! I went ahead and signed up for my first craft show last week and have been working on stuff all weekend!

    I opened a shop on Etsy earlier this year and love it!

  14. Your stall looks absolutely perfect.
    Julie xxxxxx

  15. I love your Dala horses! Would happily buy some off you!


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