Monday, 28 May 2012

the great pretender or just a big old Boo

There is a great buzz about the London quilt retreat this weekend
and I'm not going (pulls glum little face).
I knew I'd feel sad...but now I just feel like billy no mates.
So here I am pretending with my name tag I got in a swap from picmonkey.
I did really want to go..but
I already have four trips to London booked this summer and possibly one more,
so I made the decision to fore go this year.
I really hope they make it a yearly thing?
Any how to all who are going
 have a wonderful time,
cannot wait to hear all about it....truly!

 Anyone not going come and hang out
in my virtual retreat that is my blog xx

*this post was typed mainly with a protruding childlike bottom lip


  1. Oh dear, I am in the same boat- I hummed and haa ed about the whole thing and then the tikets were all sold out! It does look amazing and I am sure everyone will have a great time.
    Love the quilt you are standing in front of ! I am thinking of doing one of those next!

  2. There'll be a few of us in far flung corners of the world wishing we were there! So don't feel too alone! Love the quilt too!

  3. Awww Shucks! I wish you could be there fact...I wish I could be there! Love the picture of you in front of your quilt! You are sun-kissed!!! So sweet.

  4. I'm sorry you and Mary are not going too! Can we meet in London some other trip then Clare!?

  5. ohhh, sorry you aren't coming, but you can pop in for a cup of tea on one of your other trips if you like! I'd love to meet you :-D

  6. Boo hoo from me too. Sydney is just too far away to book a weekend in London.


  7. Booo!! I will miss you for sure! We must meet up for some other even, soon! Are you going to FOQ?

  8. We can be billy-no mates together. I've been feeling like I'm missing out when I read all the lovely blogs saying how excited everyone else is.. :-( I ummed and ahhed but with it being the jubilee weekend I didn't want to miss out on that. Hopefully they will run it again next year and we can be newbies together :-)

  9. Nope I can't go either - and I'm now feeling all pouty about it too! Too many summer birthdays here to make it a goer. That's a lovely pic btw!

  10. Not going either, thought I was the only person in UK blogland not going... does it spoil the sympathy though if I confess I'm going to Menorca instead ;-) Happy bank holidays.

  11. I'm sorry but I'm going! It will all be over this time next week and blog land will go back to normal! Di x


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