Thursday, 23 February 2012

wip thursday?

Oh I seemed to have lost a day this week?
I was sure it was wednesday!
Like they say 
everyones got a book in them..
everyone has a pink quilt in them too.
It had to be done.
This zigzag will be for sale when I open my etsy shop,
though I'm only quilting one stripe a day 
due to my shoulder (it's that bad)
so it may or may not be for sale this year LOL!

No sewing today.
I have the back door open.................

ps. thanks to you all I have over 100 followers!
which feels lovely.
I shall start thinking about that special prize...


  1. I agree! There should be a pink quilt in everyone's repertoire! In fact, I love pink! Your zig zag quilt is very pretty Clare. Take care and don't overdo it!

  2. Oh Clare, I am so sorry that you are still having problems with your shoulder. The quilt looks lovely as do all your quilts. I love the patchwork cushion in the background. I must finish my patchwork cushion!!! I hope you had a nice time out in the garden today. I pruned my climbing rose and started to make plans of where to put my wildflower annuals. x

  3. I love zigzags and I love pink! I always say purple is my favourite colour, but if I'm being honest with myself, it's definitely pink.
    Take it easy with the shoulder :-)

    1. Found you at last .... better late than never! Don't usually go for pink in a big way, but do like that quilt - beautiful as always. Like the new blog too! xC

  4. I love pink, like Katie I can't deny it's really my favourite colour!
    It looks beautiful and better one stripe a day than damaging yourself :)

  5. Just checking in on the few minutes I have....
    Love your new look and the things you are doing. This quilt is fabulous, Clare! I can't wait to see it displayed in your shop. How fun! I miss talking to you everyday :(

  6. what a fun, pink quilt! pink is always such a happy color!

    best wishes with that shoulder. give it lots of rest! :)

  7. It's been very mild here the past couple of days. I showed T your message and he said it wasnt from you as it didnt say Summerfete, most impressed he remembered your blog name!
    Lisa x

  8. Just found you over here, glad to have finally followed you to the new place! I'm having a giveaway too just now if you'd care to pop across :D

  9. Great pink quilt! Keep it steady and get completely well soon Clare!

  10. get well soon! I had to smile about the picture: I own the Ikea iron board, too, and don't want to miss it.


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